Monday, May 26, 2014

Asset or Liability??

Someone recently proposed a chat with me on this subject and I had to look at this from my own experience and see if I really understood this correctly.. 

So let me ask you - is your home an Asset or a Liability??  Before you choose to answer this, let me give you something to think about. It just may change your view on how you see your home and your answer as well.  
So before you determine the answer to this question there are several things you need to take into account here, one is your age - where are you in your cycle of life? Middle, closing in near the end? Also where you are in life as to where do you want to be?
Two - what other plans do you have in your life that you would like to be doing? Traveling? Perhaps working a little less and enjoying life a little more? How many more years do you really think you will live on the earth, 30, 40, 50?  I mean in all reality after I turned 50 I had to realize I am now minusing years, I mean to say that sure I am adding them as I live however, I know I will only really live about 40 more years if I am honest and live a good life. Or maybe 35? So how many more years do you have? And just how do you want to spend them?

And so now I ask you this question again.... ASSET or LIABILITY??  

As you find the answer to this question you may want to question your own life and see if you are where you want to be, or do you need a "Life Adjustment" as well?  And lets face it for most of us our home is our biggest Asset. And what we hold inside of it, our belongings, are what make it special to us.  So make sure while the values are UP in Real Estate, that you have the opportunity to be placed where you would like to be in your present living situation. You will be glad when the employment slows down/and the Market drops, that you made the decision this year for a change. 
As you grow older and you travel and enjoy a bit more in your life - you will never be sorry to have made a choice to live life more and enjoy more!  Get that life in balance and get your world in check! 

Life is temporary, live it to the fullest and make it the happiest you can, one day you will be very happy that you did. And all the 'things" in the world will ever give you this time back.  Make this life your BEST!  ;)

And make sure when someone asks you - Asset or Liability, you have the CORRECT answer.  Make it a beautiful day! LESLIE ~
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

In observance of the Holiday I wanted to share something with you, something from my heart. I am a pretty good cook and this recipe is special. It was composed long ago when I was working for Coldwell Banker in Roseville. I spent 5 or 6 years there before moving onto another Brokerage and had a blast. What a great group of people and we all worked so well together. We used to have so much fun at our get togethers. We had a Potluck at "Hidden Valley Lake" where we were living out in Granite Bay. There was a Contest for the best Potato Salad.  My sister and I (who was working with me when I first began my career), Well Kathy and I decided that we would put our heads together and win this contest!  And that we did.  =)  Although my sister passed away later that year from Breast Cancer, this recipe always brings great memories.  So from Kathy and I, I would like to share with you our "1st PRIZE WINNING POTATO SALAD" Recipe. 
I hope you and your family enjoy it! It's really the best!!

Big Hugs and Happy Memorial Day~  LESLIE  =)

~Best Potato Salad Recipe~ 

1 Pot of cooked Idaho Potatoes ( 10-12)
8-10 Hard Boiled Eggs, Peeled & chopped
1-2 cups Mayo, Best Foods brand
2-3 cups Celery, sliced about 1/4" thick
1/4 cup onion, (can use purple or yellow)
4-8 Dill Pickles, chopped
1 can sliced Black Olives
1 Tablespoon Mustard
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1-2 Tablespoons Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Lawrys Garlic Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Pepper

Combine all above ingredients and let stand at least 2 hours before serving so flavors have a chance to intensify. This recipe is prepared to taste so you need to adjust according to your own likings, add or subtract as your family prefers. You may even want to include some of the Potato Peels, I do like some in mine sometimes. I have sometimes used New Potatoes, but be aware they do not adsorb the same, so you would need to adjust the recipe. I like it best with Idaho Potatoes instead. 

Bon Appetit! 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have you ever tried our local Wineries? Maybe you should...

I decided with having a Vineyard Property Listed For Sale that maybe it would be good to go drop off fliers at the other local Wineries and see if anyone had some friends that were looking for a Vineyard home as well. It was a beautiful day weather wise, and even though I lived in Auburn for almost 20 years, I admit I had never been "Wine Tasting" there.  Crazy... since I love Napa Valley, but I admit I rarely drink anymore. Since I am a high priority fitness girl, drinking is very low on my list. But it's always fun to go drink some great wines and get to know more about our local area. Knowledge is power right?!

We set out to enjoy and discover and only hit very few of the local Wineries since each one we went to had a beautiful location, an enjoyable time and an owner/patrons that liked to chat and so it took time to visit just a few. You see Wine Tasting is not really about the drinking, but about the socialization as well. You meet people from all over and also the Owners/Vineyard workers that all have a story to tell being a "people person" I found it quite interesting and entertaining as well. Love to chat!  

Was amazed at the beauty that each place offered and also the different wines that were available. Some are from local growers not on the property - like "Clos du Lac" which sells their grapes to Mt Vernon and produces a wine right there at the Winery for sale.  It was very interesting to hear about the wine process and learn the history as well. I wondered WHY I hadn't done this before. Since as I said I rarely drink anymore, I enjoyed the tastings but didn't buy any wine, however I found a very unusual "Raspberry Port" at "Mt Vernon Winery" that was very enjoyable - so I did pick up 2 bottles. Great to bring over to Clients homes for dinner when invited.  I make great friendships with the Clients I meet and sell for and to along my journey so always nice to have a good bottle on hand to share with good friends. Each winery has many to offer so make sure and pick up a bottle or two.  

Below are some of the pictures I took and will help give you an idea of the fun you are missing out on by not checking out our local Wineries.  Being a photographer I found many photo opportunities however, I must admit these are only cell phone shots. I would also like to point out that many of these wineries DEPEND on our local dollars in order to continue. So please go visit them and keep them going!  They really are a beautiful way to spend an enjoyable day and get to know some wonderful local people as well.  

~ Mt Vernon Winery ~

~ Fortezza Winery ~

Winery Owner Lisa at Reagan Mann at "FORTEZZA WINERY"
Go see Lisa she's a great lady from Florida with a beautiful VIneyard as well!

~ Vina Castellano ~


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Friday, May 16, 2014

HOME SWEET HOME - Creating what you love...

What is it that makes your heart smile, your world relax, inspire your soul? These are the things you want to consider when creating your space, making your house a home. Create a place that allows your dreams to come true... take flight... lights your soul on fire.
This can be done in any design you like. Whether it be Tuscan, Contemporary, Modern. Whatever your palate desires. Find what speaks to your heart, relaxes your mind and start creating it. These are a few of the things that I think of when designing my space. I love nature and the beauty within. The simple yet gorgeous offering that plants can bring to a design and space. I have a deep love for Napa Valley, the beach, the lake, nature, and peace.. however functional with purpose. So this is what my design has become.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Half Dome hiking is now available... Make sure to get your Permit before leaving!

Exciting Half Dome and campground news!

-The Half Dome cables will be ready for use this Friday. Permits will be available on a first-come, first-served (not lottery) basis for May 16-22 beginning Wednesday, May 14, at 7 am PDT via More information about Half Dome permits is available at

-Crane Flat and Tamarack Flat Campgrounds open on May 23, with Crane Flat reservations for May 23-July 10 available Thursday, May 15, at 7 am PDT via Other campground opening dates will be updated at as soon as we have more information.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hiking our local area.....

Today some of my past clients called and wanted to take me for a hike to a favorite place they like to go. These clients have become best friends after the sale of their home last year and are dear people to me. Now don't let their age fool you for even though they are in their late 60's they could out hike me anyday!!  And they did. =)

We went to a place out of Auburn in the Ophir area called "Hidden Falls". Funny cause I grew up a part of my life here and I had never been there or even heard of it. So it was a treat to go to. There are Mountain Biking Trails for those of you who like to mountain bike, and many people bring their dogs as well. As I did. Some good hiking from inclines, to rocky canyons, to nice enjoyable flat trail. Bring lots of water for it tends to be dusty and hot at this time of year so leave early.

There are several views from the falls to the canyon to beautiful scenery as well. I enjoyed the hike and there are many trails that keep looping around so one could hike as long or as short as you wanted there. We did 3 hours and was an enjoyable morning. Beautiful to get out and get some Cardio work done naturally, outdoors. My favorite way. 

I hope you can go discover as well, for a local hike it is a must do!  Enjoy and Happy Trails to you!  Thanks~ LESLIE

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Monday, May 12, 2014

My trip back home to the Bay Area...

Had a great trip to the Bay Area to visit with my Sister this weekend. Always fun to return home. Have to say I kind of miss it-could possibly see myself living down there again. Love being so close to the ocean and of course we had to take a trip to Stinson to enjoy some fresh seafood!  Was a great day! Hey we are close enough to visit, that is the nice thing. Right?!

Enjoyed one of the most gorgeous hikes at "Muir Woods". Wow, talk about a beautiful place! So many gorgeous shots I think I spend as much time photographing as I did hiking. LOL... Definitely look forward to another trip out there and a longer one. Was so beautiful!! Here's a few of those beautiful pictures I took. Being a photographer it was a dream come true!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A little bit about my experience in Real Estate, Investing, and Flipping houses...

Flipping 101...

Long ago my family moved to this area from Lake Tahoe - Incline Village after my Dad retired from Danville and we built a huge home up on Mt Rose. My parents grew tired of the snow so and my brother had since moved to Auburn and was busy building homes in Lake of the Pines. A few years after that market softened, we all moved to Maui and worked flipping Condos mainly, and working within the Hotel industry. I worked for The Sheraton Maui in Kaanapali Beach. Most people remember this Hotel because of "Black Rock" and the diver that jumps every evening at sunset. Was a great job and loved being there, love Maui, many a times I wished I had never left. I returned to this area several times over the next 17 years that my family lived there. Eventually we all returned here and began flipping homes. Investing, improving, then eventually selling them off and starting again. Mainly in the Loomis area, acreage homes. There were many great homes on acreage that needed updating so we had a great time improving and selling.... until the market dropped. I was lucky to sell my last home for over a mill, not making any profit but able to get most of the money back out. I really consider myself lucky.  

I was offered a position with "The Golden 1 Credit Union" assisting with their Foreclosure Inventory that was growing daily.  My job was to give notice to their foreclosures as they closed on them then to assist with their move outs. Then decide what to improve, what value that would bring and then get bids and implement - then sell them off. I found it very interesting and was along the line of work I did prior so not too much of a challenge for me. But fun!

During my time with "The Golden 1" I flipped over 200 homes and sold them off as well. Learned so much and had a blast. I have returned to selling my local area again as of December a year ago. I had a great time but I really missed selling my Country Properties and the local area as well. I am happy to be back doing what I am doing and loving each new client/friend I meet. Always making friends is one of the best parts of my job... I always say the money is the icing on the cake. LOVE my job!

Have an awesome day!

I will add some of the pics of the homes I flipped but also can view in this short video I prepared back in 2010, it gives you an idea.Tons of fun!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Famous Homemade Salsa made easy!

I wish I could take full credit but this recipe is much like most of mine, handed down from a great friend. it is sooo easy you will give up your previous recipe when you see this one. 
I guarantee you. Everything comes out perfect, and cuts the time in half for it is from a packet! Yep you heard it right... it is the Packet of "Salsa Mix" purchased at Walmart.  LOL...

This is what the packet looks like. I have tried the "Pasta Mix" too and really like it as well. I make it the way it says however I add half white vinegar and half apple cider and a little less than what they call for. 
I also add more packet flavoring than what the state I go by taste as always with my cooking. It is really easy just add tomatoes (after removing skins) and bring to a boil and add to hot cans and process. 

To help keep costs down I like to hit "Roseville's Denios Auction" at 3pm on Sunday and can get about 6 boxes of Tomatoes for anywhere from $4.00 - $8.00. Such a great deal.  I do this once every two weeks when I can to get some great deals fresh from the farm. 

This is what the cooking process looks like. I use a very large pan. I like to make a lot and can away rather than small batches and remake it. I used the Canister of  Mix instead of packets, I would think it is about 6 -8 packets.  And then added 1-2 more to taste while cooking. 

Prepare Hot Lids and Jars in a canning pan and fill then replace into bath to process. I usually cook mine about 20 minutes. When you remove them you will hear them popping (as they seal). Use any jars that don't seal within a week. Once you do this a few times you will get it down.  

I find it is easier to use a plastic cup that the bottom has been cut out to avoid spillage and for faster canning processing. 

The finished product - also this is how much the Tomatoes I had made up. Yep ... it's quite a bit! I used the small jars and then a few medium as well.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Past Clients Appreciation Day and Happy "Cinco de Mayo"

Spent the past three days out hitting the road and making some unannounced "POP BYS" to my past Clients. It was so nice to catch many of them at home and to also see what they had done since they bought their homes thru me. As I FLIPPER it is always fun to see the remodeling and improving.

I was kept busy beginning my first day up in Auburn hitting a few clients up there. Then I was off to Loomis and that took one whole day!! But we know Loomis is my #1 strength as an Agent. So I had many past and present clients that I needed to visit. I then headed out to Lincoln, Roseville, and Granite Bay-but ran out of time before I got to hit some homes I really needed to complete to say hello to some of my favorites.

Today I hit Citrus Heights and Sacto area and a few other homes I needed to hit, but never made it to my homes in Rocklin before the day started to end! So tomorrow I will be one day late on making it by to say "HELLO" and drop off a small gift.... My Homemade Salsa for the "Cinco de Mayo" Holiday!

I had one of my clients call me just 10 minutes after I left her home today to tell me she LOVED my Salsa!  LOL...  It is one of my best Recipes but I honestly cannot take all the credit, for one of my High School friends was generous enough to share her wonderful recipe with me last year and I have been busy making it ever since. 

What was really fun for me was not only to see my clients/turned best friends forever, but also to be able to share some time with them. In selling or buying a home you know we get to know each other pretty well and it is often hard for both of us, when the sale is done and I am then off to take care of the next client. I have had people tell me they really missed me!  So sweet cause I really do miss everyone as well. For me I love the challenge of finding you a home you LOVE, but the friendship means much more than the paycheck to me. That will last a lifetime.  =)  Big hugs and lots of love to you all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday  - and a nice icy cold Margarita. 

I apologize I wasn't able to get to you all, however if you would like to be sure and be included in the next run of "POP BYS" then send me an email. I also still have a few Clients in El Dorado Hills and cameron Park I promise to save a jar of salsa for as well.  I haven't forgotten you!  I promise!

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