Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A little bit about my experience in Real Estate, Investing, and Flipping houses...

Flipping 101...

Long ago my family moved to this area from Lake Tahoe - Incline Village after my Dad retired from Danville and we built a huge home up on Mt Rose. My parents grew tired of the snow so and my brother had since moved to Auburn and was busy building homes in Lake of the Pines. A few years after that market softened, we all moved to Maui and worked flipping Condos mainly, and working within the Hotel industry. I worked for The Sheraton Maui in Kaanapali Beach. Most people remember this Hotel because of "Black Rock" and the diver that jumps every evening at sunset. Was a great job and loved being there, love Maui, many a times I wished I had never left. I returned to this area several times over the next 17 years that my family lived there. Eventually we all returned here and began flipping homes. Investing, improving, then eventually selling them off and starting again. Mainly in the Loomis area, acreage homes. There were many great homes on acreage that needed updating so we had a great time improving and selling.... until the market dropped. I was lucky to sell my last home for over a mill, not making any profit but able to get most of the money back out. I really consider myself lucky.  

I was offered a position with "The Golden 1 Credit Union" assisting with their Foreclosure Inventory that was growing daily.  My job was to give notice to their foreclosures as they closed on them then to assist with their move outs. Then decide what to improve, what value that would bring and then get bids and implement - then sell them off. I found it very interesting and was along the line of work I did prior so not too much of a challenge for me. But fun!

During my time with "The Golden 1" I flipped over 200 homes and sold them off as well. Learned so much and had a blast. I have returned to selling my local area again as of December a year ago. I had a great time but I really missed selling my Country Properties and the local area as well. I am happy to be back doing what I am doing and loving each new client/friend I meet. Always making friends is one of the best parts of my job... I always say the money is the icing on the cake. LOVE my job!

Have an awesome day!

I will add some of the pics of the homes I flipped but also can view in this short video I prepared back in 2010, it gives you an idea.Tons of fun!

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