Monday, May 26, 2014

Asset or Liability??

Someone recently proposed a chat with me on this subject and I had to look at this from my own experience and see if I really understood this correctly.. 

So let me ask you - is your home an Asset or a Liability??  Before you choose to answer this, let me give you something to think about. It just may change your view on how you see your home and your answer as well.  
So before you determine the answer to this question there are several things you need to take into account here, one is your age - where are you in your cycle of life? Middle, closing in near the end? Also where you are in life as to where do you want to be?
Two - what other plans do you have in your life that you would like to be doing? Traveling? Perhaps working a little less and enjoying life a little more? How many more years do you really think you will live on the earth, 30, 40, 50?  I mean in all reality after I turned 50 I had to realize I am now minusing years, I mean to say that sure I am adding them as I live however, I know I will only really live about 40 more years if I am honest and live a good life. Or maybe 35? So how many more years do you have? And just how do you want to spend them?

And so now I ask you this question again.... ASSET or LIABILITY??  

As you find the answer to this question you may want to question your own life and see if you are where you want to be, or do you need a "Life Adjustment" as well?  And lets face it for most of us our home is our biggest Asset. And what we hold inside of it, our belongings, are what make it special to us.  So make sure while the values are UP in Real Estate, that you have the opportunity to be placed where you would like to be in your present living situation. You will be glad when the employment slows down/and the Market drops, that you made the decision this year for a change. 
As you grow older and you travel and enjoy a bit more in your life - you will never be sorry to have made a choice to live life more and enjoy more!  Get that life in balance and get your world in check! 

Life is temporary, live it to the fullest and make it the happiest you can, one day you will be very happy that you did. And all the 'things" in the world will ever give you this time back.  Make this life your BEST!  ;)

And make sure when someone asks you - Asset or Liability, you have the CORRECT answer.  Make it a beautiful day! LESLIE ~

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