Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Famous Homemade Salsa made easy!

I wish I could take full credit but this recipe is much like most of mine, handed down from a great friend. it is sooo easy you will give up your previous recipe when you see this one. 
I guarantee you. Everything comes out perfect, and cuts the time in half for it is from a packet! Yep you heard it right... it is the Packet of "Salsa Mix" purchased at Walmart.  LOL...

This is what the packet looks like. I have tried the "Pasta Mix" too and really like it as well. I make it the way it says however I add half white vinegar and half apple cider and a little less than what they call for. 
I also add more packet flavoring than what the state I go by taste as always with my cooking. It is really easy just add tomatoes (after removing skins) and bring to a boil and add to hot cans and process. 

To help keep costs down I like to hit "Roseville's Denios Auction" at 3pm on Sunday and can get about 6 boxes of Tomatoes for anywhere from $4.00 - $8.00. Such a great deal.  I do this once every two weeks when I can to get some great deals fresh from the farm. 

This is what the cooking process looks like. I use a very large pan. I like to make a lot and can away rather than small batches and remake it. I used the Canister of  Mix instead of packets, I would think it is about 6 -8 packets.  And then added 1-2 more to taste while cooking. 

Prepare Hot Lids and Jars in a canning pan and fill then replace into bath to process. I usually cook mine about 20 minutes. When you remove them you will hear them popping (as they seal). Use any jars that don't seal within a week. Once you do this a few times you will get it down.  

I find it is easier to use a plastic cup that the bottom has been cut out to avoid spillage and for faster canning processing. 

The finished product - also this is how much the Tomatoes I had made up. Yep ... it's quite a bit! I used the small jars and then a few medium as well.

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