Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have you ever tried our local Wineries? Maybe you should...

I decided with having a Vineyard Property Listed For Sale that maybe it would be good to go drop off fliers at the other local Wineries and see if anyone had some friends that were looking for a Vineyard home as well. It was a beautiful day weather wise, and even though I lived in Auburn for almost 20 years, I admit I had never been "Wine Tasting" there.  Crazy... since I love Napa Valley, but I admit I rarely drink anymore. Since I am a high priority fitness girl, drinking is very low on my list. But it's always fun to go drink some great wines and get to know more about our local area. Knowledge is power right?!

We set out to enjoy and discover and only hit very few of the local Wineries since each one we went to had a beautiful location, an enjoyable time and an owner/patrons that liked to chat and so it took time to visit just a few. You see Wine Tasting is not really about the drinking, but about the socialization as well. You meet people from all over and also the Owners/Vineyard workers that all have a story to tell being a "people person" I found it quite interesting and entertaining as well. Love to chat!  

Was amazed at the beauty that each place offered and also the different wines that were available. Some are from local growers not on the property - like "Clos du Lac" which sells their grapes to Mt Vernon and produces a wine right there at the Winery for sale.  It was very interesting to hear about the wine process and learn the history as well. I wondered WHY I hadn't done this before. Since as I said I rarely drink anymore, I enjoyed the tastings but didn't buy any wine, however I found a very unusual "Raspberry Port" at "Mt Vernon Winery" that was very enjoyable - so I did pick up 2 bottles. Great to bring over to Clients homes for dinner when invited.  I make great friendships with the Clients I meet and sell for and to along my journey so always nice to have a good bottle on hand to share with good friends. Each winery has many to offer so make sure and pick up a bottle or two.  

Below are some of the pictures I took and will help give you an idea of the fun you are missing out on by not checking out our local Wineries.  Being a photographer I found many photo opportunities however, I must admit these are only cell phone shots. I would also like to point out that many of these wineries DEPEND on our local dollars in order to continue. So please go visit them and keep them going!  They really are a beautiful way to spend an enjoyable day and get to know some wonderful local people as well.  

~ Mt Vernon Winery ~

~ Fortezza Winery ~

Winery Owner Lisa at Reagan Mann at "FORTEZZA WINERY"
Go see Lisa she's a great lady from Florida with a beautiful VIneyard as well!

~ Vina Castellano ~


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