Monday, May 5, 2014

Past Clients Appreciation Day and Happy "Cinco de Mayo"

Spent the past three days out hitting the road and making some unannounced "POP BYS" to my past Clients. It was so nice to catch many of them at home and to also see what they had done since they bought their homes thru me. As I FLIPPER it is always fun to see the remodeling and improving.

I was kept busy beginning my first day up in Auburn hitting a few clients up there. Then I was off to Loomis and that took one whole day!! But we know Loomis is my #1 strength as an Agent. So I had many past and present clients that I needed to visit. I then headed out to Lincoln, Roseville, and Granite Bay-but ran out of time before I got to hit some homes I really needed to complete to say hello to some of my favorites.

Today I hit Citrus Heights and Sacto area and a few other homes I needed to hit, but never made it to my homes in Rocklin before the day started to end! So tomorrow I will be one day late on making it by to say "HELLO" and drop off a small gift.... My Homemade Salsa for the "Cinco de Mayo" Holiday!

I had one of my clients call me just 10 minutes after I left her home today to tell me she LOVED my Salsa!  LOL...  It is one of my best Recipes but I honestly cannot take all the credit, for one of my High School friends was generous enough to share her wonderful recipe with me last year and I have been busy making it ever since. 

What was really fun for me was not only to see my clients/turned best friends forever, but also to be able to share some time with them. In selling or buying a home you know we get to know each other pretty well and it is often hard for both of us, when the sale is done and I am then off to take care of the next client. I have had people tell me they really missed me!  So sweet cause I really do miss everyone as well. For me I love the challenge of finding you a home you LOVE, but the friendship means much more than the paycheck to me. That will last a lifetime.  =)  Big hugs and lots of love to you all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday  - and a nice icy cold Margarita. 

I apologize I wasn't able to get to you all, however if you would like to be sure and be included in the next run of "POP BYS" then send me an email. I also still have a few Clients in El Dorado Hills and cameron Park I promise to save a jar of salsa for as well.  I haven't forgotten you!  I promise!

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