Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flipping, helping another Homeowner!

I get called quite often to help out Sellers who find themselves in a predicament when their home is not selling. I am thankful each time I can help someone out for it is not a good spot to be in. It is very stressful selling your home and buying another and the timing has to be impeccable, which I am 99.9% able to pull off but I do have my own formula for accomplishing this. Not everyone is successful in this. I am thankful for when I can assist.

I received such a call this week from a past client who referred me out to someone within their Church who was struggling with such a situation. They had already bought another home and were still finding themselves with two homes, for the previous home had not sold yet. So I went to work and did my research and made the recommendations that should have been made in the beginning.

You see before I list a home I provide the Sellers with a list of things that should be done prior to listing. I find that Buyers cannot afford to do many upgrades or needed repairs and therefore will be a hard to sell home. This home's carpet was stained and although it showed well that old carpet was going to be a deal killer to anyone. So we decided to be a step above the other homes in the area we would replace that old carpeting with Hardwood Flooring instead. This choice will help us stand out with other available homes for sale in the neighborhood.

I am anxious to see it through and to go out and rephotograph since the previous realtors photos were not only dark and unretouched, but they also were not shot with a WIDE ANGLE LENSES. If you learn nothing at all from me, please learn this. I paid over a $1000 for my wide angle lenses so I could shoot great quality photos every time for every seller!  This means the difference between you getting what you want for your home and getting much, much less!  Really I can't tell you what a difference  a wide angle lense makes.

Here I give you an example below. Please make sure the realtor you hire has a WIDE ANGLE LENSES or is going to pay for Professional Photos. It means big bucks to you on the sale of your home. See for yourself and you judge!  I look forward to hearing from you when you choose to hire the right realtor for the sale of your home. When hiring a realtor is is best to interview a few. I ask that I be in the top 3 Agents you choose to interview to list your home, thats all.  I hope that meeting me and seeing how many homes I have successfully sold and what I can bring to the table will convince you I am the right person for the job. 
Many Thanks~  Leslie  

Regular Lenses
Although the photos are clear, the room appears small and you only
see a portion of the room. Which a large family may then decide
this home would not work for them.

Wide Angle Lenses
With a  wide angle lenses, it shows how large the room actually is,
it also shows the many features it offers and how light and bright the room is. I think the Investment for any Realtor is surely worth the finished product. I think you would agree!

again... Exterior Shot with regular lenses 

Wide Angle lenses

This would now show a perspective Buyer that the home not only offers a Pool but also a large surrounding area and some beautiful landscaping. The previous photo may have one assume there is no room for entertaining, which may mean they are not going to visit this home. So what you put online is so important. One of the MOST important things you will do as a realtor and a Seller. Make sure you have done your homework.
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My love for Photography, Bodega Bay trip ...

Hello as you know I am off to some beautiful places every chance I get. This past weekend I was off to one of my favorite places that I have been visiting for over 2 decades. Bodega Bay. I love this area and the quaint shops and all the wonderful seafood to enjoy as well.


As always developing my talent as a photographer is number one on these trips and we just barely made it in time to catch the sun setting. Being in Real Estate it always comes first, and I am afraid that meant leaving after work was completed. But we still made the tail end and it was as always beautiful! Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for letting me share them. 

I have a new lenses that I just purchased and it is helping me add to my talents as a photographer. As I become a better photographer my photos of my clients homes rises and puts them far ahead of most realtors out there that don't use a Professional Photographer. I love it as a hobby and have since I was in 6th grade where one of my teachers in Danville, California taught us all about photography, developing, and custom features not used by too many today.


Night shots at Bodega Bay Harbor. Was beautiful!

Caught some Surfers riding waves at the Surfing Beach I like to visit. Always fun to see some Southern California action up here in the Northern Coast.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hiking our beautiful area... Lake Clementine from the American River Canyon

My idea of a good time is to visit someplace beautiful and to get out and experience it physically. Whether that be by foot, bike or whatever... I love the fresh air, the beauty of nature and the tranquility of silence.  Working with as much stress and details that Real Estate involves, it is a NEEDED REQUIREMENT for me to unwind and run away to a beautiful area, surrounded by nature. We are lucky to live in such a place that offers many hiking trails nearby.  

When I moved here from Lake Tahoe I was draw to the Rivers all over and spent many Summers down relaxing and enjoying some peaceful times soaking in the area's beauty. I love to travel near and far and take in all this earth gives to us that we can sometimes take for granted. Whether it be close by or Bodega, Santa Cruz, San Francisco or Napa or Lake Tahoe, we have many choices. When I lived in Maui I relocated twice back from maui one of the biggest reasons were because of my loss of visiting these places as easy as jumping in my car. So I never take them for granted anymore. 
I hope I can convince you to get out there and hike whether it be a small walk or a more courageous hike it doesn't matter, you can even make it a short bike ride either in Tahoe, Napa Silverado Trail or my other yearly visit to San Francisco to bike over the Golden Gate with some of my best friends. It is truly one of the things I really look forward to with one of my special girl friends. I have been making that trek for over 10 years now and love it just as much as the first time. 

Nice trail clearly marked and wide enough  as well 

This hike I did last weekend is a simple stroll along the American River in Auburn, parking at the second bridge, and then hiking back underneath the Foresthill Bridge. I have been coming here since I was 18 years old when I first moved to Auburn from living in Lake Tahoe. Many memories with my kids here when they were young. We started hiking with the m here at just 4 and 6, and it's super cool that it is still one of their favorite places to return to as well.  Here are some photos of the hike. This goes back to Lake Clementine dam and it is a bit of an incline so it is a great workout.  I love it!  Always a bit sore and that is a great thing!! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you venture down. Can pack a lunch and stop and swim as well.

Happy Trails  Leslie ~

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My photography Homework...

Visiting some place beautiful and photographing it is not work to me, it's something I have enjoyed from way back. And it's something I do often! In furthering my potential of photography on my Clients homes, I choose to study on the outdoors. This past week I visited one of my favorite destinations "Napa Valley".  I love to go visit "Castillo di Amorosa". It is a beautiful Italian Castle that is replicated by Dario Sattui.  You may recognize the name from another one of my favorite Wineries to stop, V. Sattui in St Helena. 

I like to get exercise and always mix health into my trips by a bike ride or hike or other forms of activity. My favorite for this area are usually a hike at the beautiful "Bothe State Park" or a bike ride along the Silverado Trail. This time I met a great friend of mine and a previous employee, and we biked the Silverado Trail. It is always great fun!!  And a good workout!  This time was a little hot in 90 degree heat so we just rode for a few hours and then called it a day and trotted off to have some fun at the Castle. 

Below are some of the photos I took that day. I could spend days there photographing the different rooms however, this time I just spent time on three levels. I hope you enjoy the photos. It is my pleasure to share it's beauty with you!  Ciao Bella~

My previous Buyers Agent from Lyon Real Estate, now good friend, seizing a photo opportunity!

I hope you have enjoyed a few of my photos and check back often for my love of traveling and sharing these beautiful moments are a joy for me.
Thanks so much...  Ciao! Leslie  ~

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Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

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