Thursday, July 31, 2014

My love for Photography, Bodega Bay trip ...

Hello as you know I am off to some beautiful places every chance I get. This past weekend I was off to one of my favorite places that I have been visiting for over 2 decades. Bodega Bay. I love this area and the quaint shops and all the wonderful seafood to enjoy as well.


As always developing my talent as a photographer is number one on these trips and we just barely made it in time to catch the sun setting. Being in Real Estate it always comes first, and I am afraid that meant leaving after work was completed. But we still made the tail end and it was as always beautiful! Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for letting me share them. 

I have a new lenses that I just purchased and it is helping me add to my talents as a photographer. As I become a better photographer my photos of my clients homes rises and puts them far ahead of most realtors out there that don't use a Professional Photographer. I love it as a hobby and have since I was in 6th grade where one of my teachers in Danville, California taught us all about photography, developing, and custom features not used by too many today.


Night shots at Bodega Bay Harbor. Was beautiful!

Caught some Surfers riding waves at the Surfing Beach I like to visit. Always fun to see some Southern California action up here in the Northern Coast.

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