Thursday, July 17, 2014

My photography Homework...

Visiting some place beautiful and photographing it is not work to me, it's something I have enjoyed from way back. And it's something I do often! In furthering my potential of photography on my Clients homes, I choose to study on the outdoors. This past week I visited one of my favorite destinations "Napa Valley".  I love to go visit "Castillo di Amorosa". It is a beautiful Italian Castle that is replicated by Dario Sattui.  You may recognize the name from another one of my favorite Wineries to stop, V. Sattui in St Helena. 

I like to get exercise and always mix health into my trips by a bike ride or hike or other forms of activity. My favorite for this area are usually a hike at the beautiful "Bothe State Park" or a bike ride along the Silverado Trail. This time I met a great friend of mine and a previous employee, and we biked the Silverado Trail. It is always great fun!!  And a good workout!  This time was a little hot in 90 degree heat so we just rode for a few hours and then called it a day and trotted off to have some fun at the Castle. 

Below are some of the photos I took that day. I could spend days there photographing the different rooms however, this time I just spent time on three levels. I hope you enjoy the photos. It is my pleasure to share it's beauty with you!  Ciao Bella~

My previous Buyers Agent from Lyon Real Estate, now good friend, seizing a photo opportunity!

I hope you have enjoyed a few of my photos and check back often for my love of traveling and sharing these beautiful moments are a joy for me.
Thanks so much...  Ciao! Leslie  ~

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