Thursday, August 21, 2014

Photography with Leslie ~ Santa Cruz 2014

I love witnessing the worlds beauty and being able to share what I see. What amazes me most is we are surrounded by it and often just need to open our eyes to see it. My love for photography has grown with the purchase of a new lense. I have had the opportunity to photograph a lot lately from beautiful places to unique people to some photo shoots as well. Below is a collection of that what I have found to be of interest in those travels. Hope you enjoy them.  ~ Leslie 



 I have always had a deep love for the beach, after living in Maui I never forget how wonderful it is to live there. Something keeps drawing me back to this magical place. A place where if you had nothing but the vision of waves crashing, beautiful sunsets, and the fresh food the sea provides us, it would somehow be enough for my dreams. All this for free.. Gods pure blessing for sure. 

Just me... shooting away at the beach, two things I love Photography
 and the ocean.  =)

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Leslie from Northern California.
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