Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Changes!! New Company and a New Team Player as well....

Yes it is true!  I have returned to running my Company under "Re/Max Gold".  I am happy to be back with a Top Industry Leader and strong contender in this area. 
I previously worked for Re/Max Gold over 8 years ago, before I joined Lyon Real Estate where I had been the past 7 1/2 years. I really do enjoy what the larger Companies can offer an Agent and so I am happy to be there. 

If you wonder why as Agents we may choose different Companies it is usually for a change in business, a higher commission or better benefits or location. There are all different reasons. We are Sub Contractors so we move around depending on our wants and needs, but it is all basically the same since how we do business really does not change. However, what we can now offer our Clients as a result of these changes will vary depending on Company size and benefits to us as well. 

Also of good news is an addition to my business. My long time Best Friend of many years (28 to be exact), has now joined me to Team up as my Partner, and assist in running the Company. I am happy to welcome Mrs. Tammy Hanaway of Loomis CA. Tammy and I met as neighbors long time ago in Rocklin, then we were lucky to live a few houses away from each other again in Loomis, for about 10 years. Our families have been friends forever and so the addition is awesome!! I know good things will come as a result of this and an upswing in business as I will now have help and be able to accomplish twice as much.

So thanks to Loomis, Rocklin and Roseville, where I continue to grow and represent the great people that I meet. Tammy and I are very down to earth, upbeat, Christian, and hard workers who believe in family first and a strong work ethic. Since we are so much alike it will be easy to now run a Company together. We look forward to helping as many of you as possible. Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you soon!

Many Thanks~

Leslie Reed, 
Reed & Associates~

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