Friday, November 21, 2014

A wonderful chilly weekend...

I love this kind of weather!! I know many of you may think I am crazy, but living in Maui you only get to experience one season. If you live Up Country as I did during part of the time I lived there, you get sort of two. yeah!!  Lol... So now you may understand why I love the change of seasons more. Once you live without something you learn to miss it, and appreciate it. So I will say again... I love the change of seasons!  
I grew up another part of my life in Lake Tahoe. I moved there with my family and I was able to enjoy some beautiful things and have wonderful memories of growing up there. My parents then traded our home on Mt Rose that we built for a beautiful home in Kapalua. I have great memories of life on Maui as well... I am a very lucky child, that I am forever thankful to my parents for a great life. My only problem has been trying to live up to that life!  
My up bringing has taught me to appreciate life, and the beauty it offers. I love traveling (of course) and enjoy the wonderful places I am able to visit and explore and have plans for much more in my years ahead. I own over 100 weeks in a Timeshare that I can travel anywhere in the world with so I have big plans ahead in life. Life is about the journey right, so make yours a legacy. 

I wanted to share with you one of my recent delights that is very easy to make and I love at this time of year. The pumpkin in it I always rave right after Halloween and is a great way to use up any left over pumpkins laying around.  I hope you enjoy this recipe very much.  Try it beside a nice fire and with a good glass of Merlot or Cab.  I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it.  Aloha...


Brown Short Ribs in pan with Onions and Garlic in a few tablespoons Butter. Transfer Riblets and onion and garlic to Crock Pot.

Cut up a Butternut Squash and peel sides then dice into cubes.

I had some tomatoes on hand and love to use fresh ingredients, so I cut them up and added them into the stew this time. You can add or subtract as you like. All my recipes are that way.  =)

Saute cubed Butternut Squash in a pan with a little Butter/Olive Oil mix about a tablespoon each. 

Cook until lightly browned on the sides then transfer into the Crock Pot.

Add 1 cups red Wine (can use any), I usually use a bottle that I open and don't drink in my cabinet and use them for cooking then. If you don't have any on hand can buy a inexpensive wine for cooking. Add in 1 cup Water and some Kitchen Bouquet - 1 Tablespoon or more, and 2 Tablespoons Beef Bouillon. This will give your base a good flavor.

Now let simmer for about 4-6 hours until meat is tender. I like mine thick so I add in some diluted Cornstarch that I have combined in a cup 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch with 1/2 cup water. If you like it very thick use 4 Tablespoons or more and follow with the same 1/2 cup water to dilute. Serve over some nice Jasmine Rice and enjoy!

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