Saturday, November 8, 2014

Napa Valley here we come with "ALPINE MORTGAGE" - JIM SIEBERT'S TEAM~

I spent last weekend being whisked away in a Limp Bus accompanied by a few other Realtor friends, to enjoy a beautiful day in Napa Valley.  We began the trip to St Helena, Napa Valley where we arrived at our first destination of "Castillo De Amorosa" where we attended a Tour of the Grand Castle and learned about the Construction of the Castle, the original plans of the Builder/Owner Dario Sattui, and the reasoning behind the history. We visited the Fermentation Room and learned about the process of making Wine. Then it was off to the Caves to visit the Wine Storage and other interesting rooms as the Torture Chamber, the Grand Cave Room, where the Parties are held, among other interesting areas while all learning the reasoning behind each room Dario choose to include while building his dream.

Entering the Caves.

The Garden Room in the Caves.

Then we were off to do some tasting with food pairings.  Wow, that was a lot of fun and informative about what to serve with what wines and why. Delightful and delicious as well!

We were then transported to Dario's sister Winery, V. Sattui, where we were were served a very nice luncheon followed by more Wine Tasting. We then spent time visiting the ever so popular Gift Shop and Deli, before heading for home. Jim generously provided Wine to all attendees for the day.

Stacy Medinas of Alpine Mortgage, myself, and fellow Realtor and good friend Lidia Velici.
Yep... Best photo bomb yet by some stranger walking by.. lol.


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