Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happiness in my Garden~

All my life growing up I have yearned for a successful Garden. I remember as a child, sneaking out to my parents Cherry Tomato plants and picking the precious jewels off the vines in the heat of summer, how sweet they were, and how delicious they were.

My granddaughter Paytin- 5,snacking in my garden  =)

I was 21 living in Auburn wanting to give my own child the same experience, so I dug a hole and popped a tomato plant into the ground and waited for it to grow into a beautiful big plant that I may share with my child... only to find that days later it died. Lol.. 

 I began my research to ask successful gardeners how is it that I grow a Garden, and what did I do wrong?  I learned from that day forward what I didn't know about soil prep, correct watering, plant selection to regions and location, correct fertilizing, and the general care and love of growing a garden. 

Each time I meet a fellow gardener that I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet through my business opportunities, I am so fortunate to have the one on one contact with, I question them on all the above. I listen carefully about what it is that has worked for them. And any other tips.. I find most gardeners have collected tips as well from others and sharing this with others is part of the love that exists between us.  

This is what is possible for you in your own garden and the time to prepare is now for your beautiful Spring garden. These photos are from my garden last year, and I am already preparing my garden for this next growing season as you should be too!




 Now as our food is more and more GMO grown, I think it is even more and more important to grow our own vegetables and to take strong interest in what we are eating. Unfortunately it has come to this point in life for many of us. So here you can visit to get tips and pointers that you too can achieve a beautiful garden!

I love to grow Tomatoes! I think it comes from losing my big sister, my best friend ever to Cancer. I read that Tomato's are Cancer fighters and so I began to eat them even though at the time I didn't like them. I soon began to love them and found myself eating more and more of them. 

This past year a girlfriend of mine from High school back in Danville where I grew up shared a secret of hers with me about her salsa. After sharing photos of her delicious salsa on Facebook I of course asked for her recipe, in which she shared the following packets! Yes packets!! Can it get any easier than that??  It creates the most delicious salsa ever.  So I am in turn sharing my secret with you, or should I say Colleens secret.  =)  You can buy them at Wal-Mart and it is sooo easy but honestly the best salsa I have yet to taste... Enjoy! 

I hope you enjoy this blog on gardening and do ask that you share any Tips and Secrets you have learned through your times in your gardening experience.  I have truly enjoyed sharing some of mine with you...   Happy Gardening!   Leslie ~
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Leslie from Northern California.
Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

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