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Flipping Homes 101...

Hello and Happy New Years to you!! 

Well I hope the New Year finds you in good health and happiness. I have taken some time off this year right after the Holidays to get moved. Yes, I am thinking it should be a requirement for all Realtor's to move every 5-10 years so we are reminded how NOT fun it really is!  LOL... But we know it is true. Juggling deadlines seems easy for me when I am dealing with my Clients deadlines and requirements. However, when doing it for myself I found my emotional side took over. I always tell my Clients to trust me. I earn their trust and keep on all tasks involved to perform, according to schedule. But somehow moving during Christmas and New Years it always seems to have challenges of it's own.Deadlines run short and people take vacation time and it all seems to go a rye.  So if you have any choice in the matter - try NOT to move during the Holidays.  

After 8 years of living in my past home that I loved so much, I decided to lighten my financial load and pick a new project.  I really loved my beautiful home and honestly I am like the "Winchester Mystery woman" - I can keep improving and improving and never be done. When I bought the old home I was relocating from living on acreage for almost 10 years. I loved my time on acreage and always had a dream to live on acreage. Growing up in Danville and being raised with horses of my own in my teens, I always dreamed of having my horse on my property.  Well that Dream came true.  I lived in some beautiful homes with my parents from Danville, to Incline Village, NV to Maui HI. I had a good life that I enjoyed in with my family of 5 children. Being the baby I think I had some of the best times that my family experienced. I will always consider myself lucky and blessed with family.

So my husband and I decided we wanted to buy, improve, then sell. I enjoyed the challenges of each project and being able to design was something I really enjoyed. Being married to a painter for 8 years I could roll a home in just a few days time.  So now designing with the latest trends that came easy.  My son - in - law was a Granite / Tile man so that was nice to have in the family as well. My daughter and son in law lived on our property with us, so we all took part in improving properties as a family. So much fun! 

Below are some photos of the homes we had and FLIPS we did together. It's something I feel that gives me an edge on helping my own Clients. You learn a lot from the experience.

My first FLIP was a Hilltop Home on Laird Road in Loomis.

My next home was a 4000 square foot home, with a 9 Car Garage, on Val Verde. A beautifully landscaped, French Country, desperately needing Updating. It was a Listing of mine that didn't sell and I always loved that home and the possibilities that was there. I never forgot it and so after a bit of time we made the owners and Offer and we bought it!  
That to date has been my largest project. We gutted the home and replace everything.  Carpeting, Hardwood Flooring, Imperfect Smooth Texture, and paint inside and out.

And yes, we loved to let the horses out and allow them to roam in the front yard.  :)

What I am most proud of at that home was my Kitchen. the most beautiful kitchen I have done yet... although my last home took a quick second. Redesigning the existing space and removing all the small island and some walls and enclosing a few doorways provided the space we needed for the Cabinetry and the beautiful New Appliances and built in frig. I remember thinking to myself I once paid that much for a Car I loved.  =)

Although I hated to lose the window, I had no choice with very limited wall space and also wanting a large Stone cast Cover over the new Stove top. We added a Skylight to bring in light so we didn't end up with a dark kitchen. Can lighting was added and I incorporated some glass doors that were part of the old kitchen. I always like to obtain the history or something old from each home I remodel. I also bring something from the last home to install to make it part of the new.  Just a little fun tradition I like to do to join them. 

This was the Master Bedroom. It was 900 square feet and large enough for my Over-sized Master Bedroom set and also a beautiful Couch and overstuffed chair as well. 

Master Bathroom with raised sink area, large Walk-In Shower and Tub overlooking one of the side Garden areas that were so beautiful. We tried to use what was there without spending much money - so wasn't perfect but updated more. 

Below is the finished Kitchen... I think it turned out beautiful. Some of my best work yet!


The next home I bought in Roseville I had to upgrade as well. it had this tiny little kitchen that was so crazy. We like to have Open Floor Plans now. Where we entertain in and serve our guests during our parties. 

Here are the BEFORE Home pics

And the after Kitchen photos

Next article I will feature some of the many Homes we FLIPPED working for The Golden 1 Credit Union. The BEFORE and AFTER photos area amazing!  

Thanks and have a great one!  Leslie ~

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