Thursday, March 5, 2015

Doing my part to improve the area, one home at a time!

Yep I am back at helping others FLIP their Homes and make the most out of their investment. I love taking the worst home on the block, or should I say one that needs the most love, and make it a grand house!  Yes, anyone can do improvements but I specialize in doing them on a shoestring budget and getting the most BANG for your BUCK!

Oh I would be good at an HGTV Show. Indeed! LOL.. I actually was recently contacted by them for an Upcoming FLIP Show.For real!  However, to be illegible I needed to have a Latino Partner. And it is just my brother and I ... so I will just have to wait until the next one. 
My brother and I FLIP the homes together. From living a great life with my parents, w're pretty good at coming up with great ideas. We lived in some beautiful homes...Incline Village Danville and Maui! I remember my Mom with a Paint Roller in one hand and taking care of us 5 kids at the same time. So it was pretty much born into us!And to improve on a BUDGET!!

While working for THE GOLDEN 1 CREDIT UNION I flipped many homes. I managed 3 sets of Contractor Teams that worked under my direction of what to flip and how much that shouldn't cost the Bank! Yes... I said shouldn't. We wanted to pay half the cost so we could make a good return. Today I continue to do that work, along with my brother, on many homes to help Homeowners and some local Companies as well.  Were actually pretty good at it. ;)

I do this with my Listings as well.  We help Homeowners to decide WHAT they should do that will get them more money in return. And teach them most importantly WHAT NOT TO DO!  If it won't make you more money I won't allow them to spend money on those improvements. It's just good business sense. So I am often stopping them and saving them money in return. As well as making them some extra money as we sell for Top Listing Price with doing it smartly and professionally! Again I credit this to my experience in flipping Million Dollar homes in Loomis in 2004-2007 for myself, and then my experience with The Golden 1 as well.  It's all been a really fun career and a good time as well.  We enjoy our work. And there's nothing better than to hear the neighbors drive up and say thanks for all the improvements we made for their lives and their children's as well.

Most all of my best friends are Clients from one time or another.  I LOVE that part of my job... it's like I get paid to meet some of the best people in my life- and help them at the same time. Some of my longest Clients are from 2002 and they still attend my Client Parties I throw every year. I love it! Who wouldn't love this career?!

I just recently won a Listing against 3 other Agents and the Sellers told me they chose me for the other Agents were too matter of fact and to the point. They said I was happy and smiling and they could tell I enjoyed my work, and thought I was the best to list with to make it a great experience. I loved that. I always say I got another Halo! I will take it!  

Please call me if you have any questions... I am here to help!  I have 3 New Listings about to come on in the next few weeks. Season is gearing up and we are ready to handle your needs. Many Thanks~

Before -Sometimes having the right color paint for the front door makes all the difference! 

After - The right color can even make a home look richer and more luxurious!

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