Saturday, April 4, 2015

Drought Resistant Front Yards.... will you or won't you?

As I was walking around this past week doing some marketing, I couldn't help but notice the front yards. Gone are the days of the nice green lawns, that beautiful deep green color, that I longed so much to see. Welcome to desert California.  Being born and raised here I have lived through the Bay Area earthquakes, when many of my friends families moved out of state and far away from sunny California. After watching the footage of the last big quake when the bridge collapsed in SF I do understand why one might not feel comfortable with driving over the bridge. I too to this day I can't drive eastbound and not remember that vision of the bridge collapsing on all those people. Now us Californians are suffering with the the drought. As we watch while NY and Boston have some of the worst Snow Storms in ages - here we are with less water than last year and nothing coming on our horizon.

So I ask you will you or won't you??

Below are some ideas that I gathered today while walking some nice little neighborhoods in my area, who knows one may be your home?   I hate to take out my beautiful sod lawn that is so nice and green  but I recon I should be thankful that I still have a huge green backyard to play in and realize we all need to do our part.

I head someone say something about how we are foolish as Americans with our valuable drinking water and so with that I am thinking we all need to do our part to help California for we do not know if this is unusual or part of the future.I know for my Grand kids I wish to leave behind a better world, however I know what we knew as a child gets less and less available for what my grand kids will now have as their reality... sad.

So here are some yards I seen today that have already taken the plunge and replaced their beautiful lawns with drought resistance landscaping.Let me remind you this drought does not give one the permission to merely let their lawn go and quit mowing it along with the no watering as some have clearly done. It makes our homes look so bad! I am hoping that the City of Rocklin may  offer what the City of Roseville is and that is up to $1000 rebate if you convert your lawn to a drought tolerant zone. Will you take the plunge??

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