Friday, May 29, 2015

Staging a Vacant home vs Selling Vacant..

Long ago I began noticing that vacant homes did not sell as fast, they lacked the charm and thrill of Buyers wanting to move on in.  I had family members pass away leaving me an abundance of beautiful things, while I already had a large home, beautifully decorated and furnished, so I began to use these items to help my Clients.

Today I still have a garage FULL to the brim of pictures, plants, towels, Nic Naks that help to make a home feel like that "Home Sweet Home" feel that buyers are looking to connect with when searching for their new space. 

Included at NO CHARGE I am happy to share these furnishings with my clients and know that what I put into it is what I get out of it. The article below solidifies what I am speaking of and helps you see for yourself what these little things can do for you.

I have been a Top Producer since my very first year in Real Estate, which didn't come easy. I can remember going door to door, Hosting Seminars with a local Lender teaching people about how they can buy a home vs throwing their money away on renting. And the benefits of home ownership. I worked very hard my first few years in Real Estate and gave up so much of my family and social life for I knew what to do and just wanted to help people out. 

Today I am still giving up much of my but it is a decision I am happy to do because I really do love what I do.  Below i proof that when you love what you do you are good at it.  I have been a member in the Master Club -  since my first year in RE. That doesn't come easy but it is worth it. 

Awards Received - 
Master’s Club Life Member - 2001, 2002 ,2003 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 working on 2015!!

I look forward to helping you out so give me a call today and let me show you what I can do to help you out as well.  I look forward to making you another one of my past, satisfied Clients!  Many Thanks~


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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting your Offer accepted in a Multiple Offer Market

Tips for getting your Offer to stand out -  from a Top Listing Agent
It’s no secret that inventory of new and resale homes in most U.S. markets are low right now. If you are currently shopping for a home, you already know how challenging it can be to both find a home that suits your needs/preferences and even more challenging to get your offer accepted on that home. When multiple offers are being made on a home, what will give you the best possible chance of getting your offer accepted?

Pre-approval Letter
If you are waiting until you find a home you really like to get pre-approved for a home loan, you are very likely sabotaging your chances of getting an offer accepted. If a seller receives multiple offers from buyers who have been pre-approved for a home loan, they are far less likely to give any attention to an offer from an as-yet-unqualified buyer. Speed is the name of the game for today’s potential home buyers. Even if you are on the fence about whether to become a homeowner or not, get pre-approved for a loan. If you decide not to purchase, there will be no harm done. However, if you do decide to submit an offer, you will have a much greater chance of having it accepted. For more information about getting pre-approved for a loan, please see our past blog post Qualifying for a Home Loan.

Good Communication
Communication between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent is absolutely essential in getting an offer accepted. If your agent speaks to the seller’s agent before an offer is made, it will give them a much better idea of where the seller is coming from – what are their concerns, preferences, etc. This information will give you a great advantage moving forward with an offer. During times when competition with offers is heavy, it is more imperative than ever that your agent is competent and prompt. If you have any doubt that your agent is not working hard enough (or fast enough) to get your offers accepted, it’s time to find a new agent.

A Letter to the Seller
Recently, on a Listing I was representing a seller who had received multiple offers on her home. One family who submitted an offer wrote a letter, including a picture of their whole family, telling the seller why they loved her home so much and what kind of future they imagined for themselves in it. Even though other buyers submitted higher offers, the seller accepted the offer from the family that wrote this endearing letter. She had lived in her home for many years and cared more about passing it on to a worthy family than about getting the highest dollar amount for it. Not every seller will feel this way, but for those who do, a heartfelt letter can really make your offer stand out.

Shortened Contingency Periods
Shortened contingency periods usually mean shortened escrow periods – something that may really appeal to sellers. But this is something for which careful thought, and especially advice from your agent, is required. Your agent will be able to explain how each contingency works and the potential benefits and drawbacks of shortening contingency periods. if you have done your homework and have a good, strong Lender and a great Realtor that knows what to jump on this is still possible, but if you haven't this may lead to a nightmare. Be careful what you promise.remember with anything you want to under promise and over deliver!

If you are given a Counter Offer you darn better drop EVERYTHING to get it back to that Listing Agent - TIME is of the essence! All too often the first one to meet that Sellers Demands are the New Buyers. I always find that spreading yourself too thin will result in ineffective deals so don't take on too much work if you want to be effective.  

Don't be a SORE Loser
Remember that Agent you were just unprofessional to is the very same one that may likely be at the end of your next deal. So lose it professionally and understand not everyone can be a winner. There is a better home very possibly out there for your Buyers, go find it!

Keep at it!
If you have been struggling to get an offer accepted on a home, don’t lose hope! With patience and perseverance, you will undoubtedly find the right home at the right time and for the right price. Many a times I find the right one was meant to be in the end. 

Have faith - keep positive - and never give up!  

Many Thanks~  

Leslie  =)
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Work Hard - Play Hard or is it enjoy life more!?

~Beautiful Cabo San Lucas~

This photo look like a Travel Brochure to me, so beautiful, so relaxing, so worth it!
What a great view...  

Life has been crazy busy since returning from 6 short days in Cabo, my once a year and twice a year on a good year vacation getaway!  I love going somewhere tropical and since I lived in Maui many years, Cabo is more my destination of choice since it is half the flight time, and half the cost if not a third the cost of beautiful Maui.

I think life is short and we cannot wait until "that day" to enjoy it. When you are in Real Estate you work many weekends if not almost all, so you need to get away and rejuvenate and recharge your batteries to stay on top of your game.I find it's best to go somewhere you can't work or as most of us in Real Estate - you have trouble leaving your deals behind and end up working on your vacation as well!  Lol.. oh yes, I can count the times I spent on my phone trying to work while I was trying to rest!Remember trust the person you leave in charge and get away... work to live - not live to work!

Below are some of the photos that show the pure beauty in Cabo San Lucas....
Enjoy -  until next time!  

 The Dining is fabulous at some of the most beautiful spots! 
 And the fresh seafood is out of this world!!!

 Now just look at that!!  Isn't that a beautiful site at "Baja Lobster Company"

 Take your pic at dinner tonight....  =)

Coconut Shrimp.... these were delicious!!

Oh I just love the dining here... and I only gained 3 lbs!  Yeah!

Oh and the shopping... from perfume and make up at reduced prices, to clothes and your Pharmacy needs, I go to Cabo to stalk up and save money as well!

We felt very safe always in Cabo and the Police are around to ensure your safety. .

"Cabo Dolphins"

 How bout this Yacht we passed while out on a Sunset Cruise ... complete with their own plane on. This photo does not do justice to just how large this vessel was. Wow... amazing!

See how small this Airplane looks on the back of this Yacht?!

And this Yacht has their own Helicopter.  sweet life! Notice how these other Yachts look so small and minimal - but still Millions of dollars! Yes, lots of wealth in Cabo.

 "Lovers Beach"

 Just love the rock formations here - so different. This one is covered with birds!

 I would love to stay in these Beach Cottages... 
Surprised however they survived the hurricane! 

 "El Arco"

Of course I got to drive the Boat.  I have owned boats since I was 21 and inherited the love of vessels from my father and grand father who had his own Commercial Fishing Line in Ft Walton Beach Florida.I definitely was born into it!

A beautiful day at "Pedregal Beach".

Adios Cabo... until next time!
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Does your home need a few repairs before you List if For Sale?
Then I am the Realtor you NEED to list - I have helped the Golden 1 Credit Union repair their homes for 3 1/2 years, which helped them to make a lot more money on the Sale of their Foreclosed Properties

Yes it is true! I still manage 3 Crews ready to improve your home and make simple repairs that you can trust on not only quality but price!  And you have me to oversee the repairs, cost and end result. Don't take chances - hire me and I will help to see your job is done well maximizing the return on what is likely your biggest investment!

Letter from the Golden 1 on my skills and Services 

To whom it may concern:
Leslie Reed was a Real Estate Agent with Lyon Real Estate who was employed by Golden 1 to secure our REO properties. Some of those duties were to begin the eviction process with our attorneys, handle our Cash for Keys program when occupants were in agreement to vacate, to obtain contractors to provide bids for everything from minor repairs to full scale rehabs, yard maintenance, staging the properties for sale. Leslie was also responsible to for securing vacated properties which had been abandoned or squatters had broken into prior to our foreclosure sale dates. She was also required to manage all utilities (i.e. get services started and cancelled), monthly yard maintenances and pool servicers for all properties put under her care.
 During the rehab process it was her job to visit the properties and discuss progress with the contractors and report to me each Monday so I could meet with Sr. Management on Tuesday to discuss each project and costs. Leslie managed these in a very professional manner and was on top of each project to obtain a quick turn-around in order to list the properties within 30-45 days from time of possession. We achieved this about 87.5% of the time…… the others were beyond her control with additional items being found by the contractors once work began including severe pest work and dry rot, theft of items like HVAC units, pool equipment all of which extended the marketing times.  
From 2009-2012 Leslie handled about 65 properties. Those properties had repair cost from $5000 to $55,000. The homes she managed sold from $55,000 - $450,000 which was during the time of continual decline in property values. Properties she managed were condo’s, single family tract and custom homes. She could always be relied upon to obtain quick contractor bids and help in decisions of cost effectiveness to determine our best strategy for each property based on its location and possible top of the market sale price in order to complete repairs or sell the properties “AS IS”.
Leslie has extensive Real Estate knowledge as well as property management experience which has helped her in this endeavor. Leslie is a professional in every sense of the word and I would still be using her as one of my agents had she not decided to leave Lyon Real Estate. 
If you have any further questions or I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

John C. Smith Jr. | Sr. Loss Mitigation Specialist | Member Care
Golden 1 Credit Union

TRUST your home with a Professional as many of my other Sellers have chosen. We can help you as your Team to succeed. give me a call today!

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This post was written by:

Leslie from Northern California.
Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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