Friday, May 8, 2015

Work Hard - Play Hard or is it enjoy life more!?

~Beautiful Cabo San Lucas~

This photo look like a Travel Brochure to me, so beautiful, so relaxing, so worth it!
What a great view...  

Life has been crazy busy since returning from 6 short days in Cabo, my once a year and twice a year on a good year vacation getaway!  I love going somewhere tropical and since I lived in Maui many years, Cabo is more my destination of choice since it is half the flight time, and half the cost if not a third the cost of beautiful Maui.

I think life is short and we cannot wait until "that day" to enjoy it. When you are in Real Estate you work many weekends if not almost all, so you need to get away and rejuvenate and recharge your batteries to stay on top of your game.I find it's best to go somewhere you can't work or as most of us in Real Estate - you have trouble leaving your deals behind and end up working on your vacation as well!  Lol.. oh yes, I can count the times I spent on my phone trying to work while I was trying to rest!Remember trust the person you leave in charge and get away... work to live - not live to work!

Below are some of the photos that show the pure beauty in Cabo San Lucas....
Enjoy -  until next time!  

 The Dining is fabulous at some of the most beautiful spots! 
 And the fresh seafood is out of this world!!!

 Now just look at that!!  Isn't that a beautiful site at "Baja Lobster Company"

 Take your pic at dinner tonight....  =)

Coconut Shrimp.... these were delicious!!

Oh I just love the dining here... and I only gained 3 lbs!  Yeah!

Oh and the shopping... from perfume and make up at reduced prices, to clothes and your Pharmacy needs, I go to Cabo to stalk up and save money as well!

We felt very safe always in Cabo and the Police are around to ensure your safety. .

"Cabo Dolphins"

 How bout this Yacht we passed while out on a Sunset Cruise ... complete with their own plane on. This photo does not do justice to just how large this vessel was. Wow... amazing!

See how small this Airplane looks on the back of this Yacht?!

And this Yacht has their own Helicopter.  sweet life! Notice how these other Yachts look so small and minimal - but still Millions of dollars! Yes, lots of wealth in Cabo.

 "Lovers Beach"

 Just love the rock formations here - so different. This one is covered with birds!

 I would love to stay in these Beach Cottages... 
Surprised however they survived the hurricane! 

 "El Arco"

Of course I got to drive the Boat.  I have owned boats since I was 21 and inherited the love of vessels from my father and grand father who had his own Commercial Fishing Line in Ft Walton Beach Florida.I definitely was born into it!

A beautiful day at "Pedregal Beach".

Adios Cabo... until next time!

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