Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day trip to Napa Valley~

A beautiful day off in "Napa Valley" 
always good for the soul...

Yesterday was a much needed day off in this busy, lovely Real Estate Market we are experiencing.  Work is good but we all know to remain good, you need to take a day off and rest and relax the mind, or you just become drained and no good at that you thrive in. So I did just that and ran away for a nice day trip to Napa Valley - one of my all time favorite Place on earth!  I met up with my old Buyers Agent who moved down to that area and who like myself always loves to go get some exercise and enjoy a nice meal and then possibly a Vineyard on our way out!

It was a pretty hot day so made it a bit difficult on the Silverado trail hills, but I always enjoy the nice rise in the roads only to be met by a nice decline on the back side. =) The hardest part is the flat way back to Calistoga in the loop we do where that beating sun is hot and dry, and reminding you that you still have far more to go! Hahaha!  But we made it - 18 miles in 3 hours and although we were pretty beat - it was beautiful and so mind clearing!  Just what I needed. 

I am always enjoying the surrounding hillsides and Vineyard Views that are just so lovely! Truly just like heaven on earth for me! Beauty - fitness - great food - and fantastic wine!  True love for me...  I love this beautiful place and just like Cabo each time I visit I find it hard to return back home. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places so close by!



We changed clothes and dried off and we were off to enjoy a very nice meal at "CALISTOGA INN AND RESTAURANT" in Calistoga. This is one of my all time favorite spots down by a little creek, next to a beautiful fountain and nestled in between the trees. Air Conditioning would have been nicer since your body takes awhile to cool down again after such a hot ride, but you know it is such a beautiful spot we did enjoy it!

We decided to visit a place I had never been but had once enjoyed a beautiful bottle of wine on vacation from this lovely Winery - so off to "SILVER OAK" it was. 

YES!  That is the price per bottle!!  Oh wow huh?! But this was some of the smoothest wine ever. Tastings are $25 for 3 Wines that are delightful! I recommend a visit!

A trip for me isn't complete without a stop on the way out at one of the wonderful bakeries to sample something wonderful and dreamy.... 

OAKVILLE GROCERY, Oakville is one of my fav's for sure!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Understanding Country Property ... Septics, 
Wells and Propane Gas

Part 1 Septic Tanks and how they work ...

In selling Country Property I get many clients afraid of the unknown.  Of course it is only natural to be afraid of something that you are unsure of but I would like to take some time and explain these to you so that you will not be afraid anymore.  

After living on Acreage for over 8 years in the Loomis area, I because very used to Septics, Wells and Propane Gas.  Lets start today with Septics.  I have used Chucks Septics for the past 14 years and always had good service and repairs by them. Below it is explained how a Septic works and also other questions you may have. You can contact them at 916-624-8500

Cleaning Your Septic Tank
The most important step to achieving trouble-free septic system operation is to remove the solids from the tank before they start to wash out into the absorption fieldSeptic tank and before the system starts showing signs of failure. Remember, once the soil absorption system is clogged, cleaning the tank will do little good — you will need a new leach field.
Frequency of CleaningHow often your tank will need pumping depends largely on the size of the tank, the number of people in the household, and the kinds of appliances you use. As a general rule, tanks should be cleaned every three to five years, but the period can vary considerably. The best procedure is to inspect your tank every year and have it pumped as necessary. If your system hasn’t been inspected in two years or more, have it done now. You have a considerable investment in your septic system — the cost of periodic pumping is nominal compared to the cost of replacing a neglected or failed system.
How a Septic System Works
Septic systems are buried in the ground near the home they serve. They have two main parts: the septic tank and a soil absorption system (“the leach field" or "drain field”). The tank receives the wastewater from the home and removes most of the solids so that the liquid can easily soak into the ground without clogging the soil pores.
The Septic Tank and Leach Field
The tank holds 1,000 to 1,500 gallons and is usually made of concrete or fiberglass. A typical tank is about eight feet long and five feet deep and wide. It has interior baffles to help it retain solids, and manholes on the top permit inspection and cleaning. Heavy solids form sludge at the bottom of the tank, and grease and light material form a scum near the top. Bacteria in the tank can break down some of these solids.
The liquid effluent from the septic tank is distributed to the leach field. Serious difficulties occur when the leach field becomes clogged. The most common cause of leach field clogging is carryover of solids from the septic tank. When
sludge and scum are not periodically moved from the tank, either the perforated distribution pipe or the pores in the
soil become clogged. Another major cause of clogging would be roots stemming from deep-rooted trees in the
surrounding area.
Other Maintenance Tips
  1. Record the location of your septic tank: Once you have found your tank, make a diagram showing exactly where it is. Keep one copy with your deed and another where it will be handy.
  2. Install risers: Another way to save future searching and digging is to install risers from the septic tank with access lids at or near ground level. Risers can be constructed out of redwood or from a section of large pipe. Secure the lids so they won’t be a hazard for curious children.
  3. Do not: Plant trees or large shrubs near your system. Roots will clog the leach field and pipes.
  4. Do not: Pave or construct anything on top of your leach field.
  5. Practice water conservation: Repair leaky faucets and toilets. Wash clothes only when you have a full load.
    Avoid doing several loads in one day. Don’t let rain water drain onto the leach field area from higher ground or roof gutters.
  6. Do not: Use your septic system for anything that can be disposed of some other way, such as diapers, paper towels, etc.
  7. Septic tank additives: Chemicals, bacteria, enzymes, etc., help prevent blockages by reducing the scum level but will not break down solids in the tank and will not reduce the need for pumping.
  8. Keep heavy vehicles off your system: Underground pipes and soil porosity can be damaged by heavy vehicles.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What size are the lids on the tank?
Answer: 18 to 22 inches.
Question: How far apart are the lids?
Answer: Five to six feet.
Question: How deep are the lids?
Answer: It varies from four inches to three feet.
Question: How big are septic tanks?
Answer: Normally five feet wide by eight feet long.
Question: How often should I have my septic tank pumped?
Answer: It’s recommended that you have your septic tank pumped every three to five years to prevent blockages.
Question: What does it mean if the alarm on the tank goes off?Answer: It could be a high water alarm meaning that the pump isn’t working.
Question: How do the lids come off the tank?Answer: Some have handles and some have to be pried off.
Question: What is the black pipe near my septic tank?
Answer: The clean out. It accesses the line from the house to the tank.
Question: How much hose do you carry on the truck?
Answer: We carry 100 feet.
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This post was written by:

Leslie from Northern California.
Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

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