Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Curb appeal and our Ugly Brown Lawns.. there is help!

Oh my goodness, California has been the place I was born and raised in, and it has always been beautiful. Now it just looks so awful to me while driving through what once was our beautiful neighborhoods.  I am praying for El Nino like they say is coming.  Yeah, bring it on!! I don't know about you but it kills me to see the nicest neighborhoods around and brown dead, dry grass everywhere from what used to be beautifully landscaped areas. Water is a real big deal and I do get it but it is so very sad.

So I will be the first in my neighborhood to tear out my front lawn and install some beautiful Landscaping instead.  Drought tolerant of course. ;)  but I am also doing it because I love the privacy of being concealed behind some nice trees and not fully open to the road.  After living in Loomis on acreage for many years, it is hard to be so close to my neighbors. Lol...Yet I love being in a neighborhood as well. Each has pluses and minuses. 

Love this idea of the lantern House Address. So cute and so easy!

I have researched what to do and this is what I am going to go with. In doing research I have found some other nice ideas that we all can do to bring our CURB APPEAL up and get some joy and color into our lives - without disturbing the water shortage.  Did you know if you install drought landscaping you can water daily and not be restricted?  Awesome huh? There are many beautiful ideas you can do and I would like to show you a few to think on... 

This is a client of mine who's home I just SOLD. They actually did this years ago as an opportunity to get away from taking care of a lawn.  This is just one example but i do like this.  I plan to follow along these guidelines for my front yard as well. Decomposed Granite Pathways with lots of Trees and Shrubs. I love being able to look out and see something interesting. And GREEN!  

Another Great option to bring color and interest.  Concrete Staining for your home

Especially in Rocklin, many areas are older now and a way to brighten up your front and back yards without Landscaping is to do some Hardscape.  I really do love the Concrete staining and can be an easy Do it Yourself project.  But i am not too fond of all the colors in the video here.  Lol... But you get the idea.  Below are some ways to improve thru Hardscape that I like.

Stain Colors available although I only recommend the lighter/darker more versatile ones. I would stay away from the blues, greens, yellow and orange colors. 

Take a photo of your home from the front and make a good plan to begin.  It doesn't have to be elaborate and remember 6 months will give your plants a totally different look. So it's ok to start small then fertilize with Ironite for the fastest plant growth.

Here are some more ideas for you that I really like.....

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