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Curb appeal and Listing and Selling faster....

As a Listing Agent, I observe many Listings on the market that don't make sense. You wonder what the Sellers think when they see their home compared to others on the market and realize their photos are bad or they home looks cluttered. I am often called out after another Agent has unsuccessfully tried to List and Sell a Home that was unsuccessful. First of all it is not "Rocket Science" - I believe it is rather simple... what you see, is what you get. This said.... meaning it better look good online or WHY go out and see it in person?  Here are some tips that may help you in Listing your Home to sell. These are the steps I go through when working with my own Listings, for a quick successful sale.
If you have done your homework, then your agent has instructed you to pack it away. If you are going to move it anyways, then it's time you start before you List your home For Sale. Now is the time to get rid of the clutter, anything extra needs to get packed. Neutralize your home. I want your home to look and feel open, airy and easy to maneuver in. By this being said... I mean look like a Model Home. The reason I want this is because it works!! A Model home is designed to make you feel Welcome, at home, able to visualize yourself in that home as your own. So this means packing up and de-personalizing things. Certain trends that you have tired, paint colors that are too bright, items that one may not find to be welcoming or offensive - need to go! The more you get rid of the faster your home will sell. I promise you this!  You can rent a storage and move the items in so your garage is still able to be viewed and walked thru if needed. Less is more!!!

Yes, clean!! I suggest my housekeeper to all my Clients, she is the BEST!! And everyone agrees and keeps her number to use again. She is FANTASTIC! Everything needs a deep cleaning including the windows inside and out. This is also a good time to deal with any odors that may need to be removed. Plug In's are great for this if needed.  Or lets find the culprit and deal with it now!

How does your home look on the outside?  Is there fresh bark in those bare areas, are there any welcoming plants/flowers by the front door? How is the pain on the front door, is it fresh and not too bright?  Little things are BIG things in Real Estate. Make a lasting impression by the time they drive up. Make your Buyers want to see whats inside!  A great outside usually leads to a grand outside, so do your homework and get your yard and front exterior show ready. A grand entrance improved the sales ability by 20%.

How does your Home Show? Is your couch too big for your room with the loveseat and or chairs too?  Too much furniture may make a home appear too small. Or make the floorplan look strange, having it accessorized properly is a requirement for a fast sale and for the most money.  I have been staging Apartments for Models for a long, long time. And by doing that I learned what works and what doesn't. Although you may not want to get rid of your favorite chair, that chair may make the difference of showing your home many times, to showing it twice and moving into your New home! So make sure your home furniture requirements are not overloaded.
Another popular complaint is too big of furniture. It is best to remove the leaves in the Dining Room table, along with the oversized furniture. And if your daughters room is painted HOT PINK, this is the time to tone that pain down as well.
I actually provide my Own Staging at No Charge. Yes I have a collection of items from Pictures, to Towels, to Curtains along with Nic Naks that I can use to brighten your home for the Sale, compared to having to rent them or buy them. Make sure your home makes your Buyers feel warm and fuzzy and want to make this home their own.

Have you gone through and fixed the creaky door, the stopped up bathtub, the garbage disposal that doesn't work?  When your Buyer gets your home into contract, they will be doing a Home Inspection. If your home is found to have many problems, they may decide to walk away and buy another home - so make sure and take care of those needed repairs ahead of time. I have a few numbers of Handymen and Contractors that can help you inexpensively take care of those problems - lets deal with them now.

If I could teach you one thing - it would be that Updated Homes Sell Faster and for more Money!  Therefore if I could get your home Updated for you at minimal cost and bother, wouldn't you say it would be something good to consider?  I have a few Contractors and Handymen that have worked for me for many, many years. Some of these Teams are the same Teams that worked for the Golden 1 Credit Union when I was one of their Realtors that FLIPPED and SOLD their properties during the Foreclosure days.  I have Flipped many homes and know what to do and what not to do, the latter being the most important. I am not wanting to re-invent your home, however if you can put $2000 into a home to make $10,000 more - would you do it?

Moving can be a stressful time. I want to sell your home - sure, but I do not want to find you homeless in the end. Or make it more stressful by not knowing where you are going. So therefore I ask that we go look at homes, areas, or put a plan in action as to what are we going to do once you sell?  Lets take the time to find your exit strategy and make it one you are going to look forward to. Moving can be a very stressful time and we can alleviate some stress by making a good plan.  So lets go make sure you can afford that New Home, or will enjoy that New Area, making plans in advance is a must!

As discussed above, we are not all trained in the same manner. Some of us have had formal training over the years to help us to stay current on trends and sales techniques needed to do our job better. Not everyone is equal on this one folks.... So do your home work and interview a few agents, see what they have to offer, and ask them what they would sell your home for. Going with the highest offer is not always best - if they don't have the experience and skills to back it up. That just means they will be beating you up to Reduce your Sales Price in a few months when your home has not Sold and they want their money from your Sale. Choosing someone who is good at their job, but also can produce results are key. Items to Discuss are:
Success - How many homes have they sold this year, and previous?
Where and how do they plan to Market your home?
What suggestions do they have?
What about photography? Make sure you look and see their other Listings and make certain they are shooting with a Wide Angle Lenses, this is the #1 mistake I see time after time. It can make a large room seem very small, and almost always determines how many Buyers you will have out to view your home, and how fast it will sell.
References?  Do they have any recent ones, and did you call and check them?
Lastly - do you like them?  You will be working very closely with this person and if you do not like them that well now, you are really not going to like them in the end. Make sure to pick someone you enjoy.

I also suggest getting a Sellers Net Sheet prior to listing your home For Sale to make sure you are going to end up with enough money and the amount you expect prior to Listing.  Your Agent can get these for you Free of charge from their Title Company. Better to know ahead of time and not be surprised down the road.

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