Monday, November 9, 2015

My Fun Run in Apple HIll


Feeling so thankful today. I have an inner smile inside me from ear to ear. Feeling so proud for I have accomplished a goal I have had for many, many years. Today I ran my first "Fun Run" and in such a beautiful place, and gorgeous scenery!! For me the run was not about anything more than keeping healthy, and being thankful for another day on this beautiful earth.  As I ran among many other kind beautiful folks, I took the time to take in the Fall trees, the gorgeous views, meeting and actually chatting a bit as you make many friendships out on these trails/run that was so unexpected for me. It was a true treasure in every way. I am totally grateful and with a full heart. Thanks to God for allowing me to enjoy another beautiful wonderful day on this earth and experience his beauty in the world with his gorgeous scenery he has created and also the many fine souls we are blessed to share it with. 

Runners checking in and getting their shirts and taking their places...

If you have never heard of the term "Fun Run", it is an organized group of fellow runners /walkers who want to get out and have some fun and take in these events together as a group. Whether it is to support a good cause, or just to get out and run with others, these Events are some of the best. 

Starting out... crowded hard to move yet... 

As we progress up hill a little easier to maneuver, nice to get a stride going.  
As I was running thru the windy roads and the ups and downs of the roads/course, I took my time to look around, take in the majestic views, and chat with the many people along the way. My journey gave me something unexpectedly to take home, the peace and serenity that I gained from the event was totally unexpected.

 I had a man over 70 pass me by a few times. Such a reminder that age knows no limitations, health and fitness tells it all. And you can truly become anything you set your mind to... to hear these stories were a blessing and made me smile inside as these runners opened their hearts up to me. Many struggled with a disease that they were adamant about overcoming, some thankful for they had beat theirs, families running together, Mom and their children, so many kind souls, I was truly honored to be running with.

His Shirt reads "you just got passed by a man in his 70's... OK that hurt a

Only a half mile to go and I stopped to take a pic, this time I am not in it for time, just to set out and achieve a goal, I am feeling proud about now for I know I made it... Happy moment!

I was scheduled to attend this event with a good friend who had to cancel last minutes due to Showing Clients homes (as us Realtors often do.. Haha). I woke up determined to make it. I have always dreamed of doing a Triathlon and so I see this opportunity as my first step towards that goal. I didn't have time to do any training so of course I am a bit more sore than most of the runners today.  My goal was not to beat any records, my goal was simply to attend an Event such as this and to DO IT! Plain and simple to begin and start it. And I made that happen. At times tears streamed down my face as I thought of my Sister who passed away and how she loved this awesome area. I felt God talking to me telling me to go for it and keep it up and to run for her as well. And I did... I pictured her by my side and my past loved ones cheering me on - which gave me the energy I needed at times to run up some of those steep hills. I learned it is not about the run, but more about the experience. Mine was to set a goal and obtain it... and I did it.

Super duper stoked I am...  Whoop whoop  FINISH LINE!! 

The Champ in his early 70's!  Yes I had to get a pic with him and tell him I proud I was of him. Super awesome and hats off to him!

After the race they are working hard to get some fuel and fluids back in you. Volunteers hand out food and Doctors are there to treat cramps. I watched how some runners came in and collapsed, some into convulsions. I makes you happy for your own health and appreciative of it that's for sure. 

My souvenir Shirt  =)

I watched my fellow runners and cheered them on after my finish. Tears coming down as some struggled to make that finish line, and feeling helpless as some went into convulsions, after making their own dream come true. It was a truly humbling experience. 

So if you hear of a FUN RUN coming to your area, I urge you to sign up and take that challenge. It is not for just the accomplished Runner, but the seeking soul of so much more that you will receive from this event - and in the end you will have a score that the next event may allow you to improve upon. And as I did, I am certain you will receive much more than just a run - in the end you will add time to your life and some moments with God!  Happy fitness and enjoy life a bit longer, it's truly a beautiful journey!

Some of the best things I enjoy in Apple Hill...  so fun and so beautiful...

And the deserts!! Oh my... well I did earn it! Funny thing is it's the last thing you want to do after a long run is eat... especially something unhealthy!

Such wonderful Organic Produce to take home!

OK this I would like to try... I did say I earned something, this sounds good about now for the soreness is beginning, and yes you will be sore for days! Hahaha!

Such a beautiful area time to mosey around before heading back home... hope you enjoy the pics... found some Fall foliage and also a place to get my Christmas Tree!

Being my first run I did not understand the journey I would travel - with this group of strangers that right away became my good friends. =)  Was an amazing experience!  Now I can't wait to compete in my next. I hope you can challenge yourself to do a few things on your own Bucket List and make some great memories for your own life. Happy Trails...  


Leslie Reed, Reed & Associates, Re/Max Gold Roseville

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