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I recently attended a Meeting about helping Veterans.  Being from a Father who was served two Tours of Duties, my heart reaches out to those who daily put their lives on the line to give us our freedom. After living in Maui a long time, I was exposed to different lifestyles and values.  The Hawaiian people had values that I was so drawn to. How they worship their elders as I had been taught by my own Southern parents. Not how I observed in the United States. For many we often tend to put them in homes and forget about them. 

They also have a love for family that was as I held for my own family and believed for my own values. In Maui I lived with my sister and her family, with my girls for a long time. It was some of the best and happiest years of my life. So I tend to think differently on things than most people here on the Mainland because of my life and times on Maui. As you know me more you will learn I have a big heart and am always out to help people in any way I can. That is the feeling that gives me pleasure, not about making a paycheck.  A smile and a home for someone so deserving is the best! 

So after listening to the speaker of the "VAREP" (Veterans Association Of Real Estate Professionals) explain about their group, why it was formed and how they reach out the help Veterans. I had to sign up. I learned about how they can help a Vet who is possibly not in line to buy a home, but is in need like everyone else to obtain the dream of home ownership. This group is a non-profit group that spend their time helping Vets to establish just that. With classes, counseling, education in buying homes, establishing a timeline, and any needs they can assist in to get them on board to buy a home. I love that I can be a part of something that can bring so much joy to a deserving individual, that may not even know that they can buy a home, or have anyone to reach out to them to establish that.

The other thing that appealed to me about this group is the love to help. "VAREP" Rehabs homes and gives them away ... YES... that is CORRECT!  FREE! They rehab and give away homes each year to deserving individuals.  When I heard that I said SIGN ME UP!  I not only want to be a part of assisting those in need but also I want to put my tool belt on and HELP FLIP THESE HOMES!!  I love to build things.  It is a passion of mine.

Growing up with a Contractor brother and having parents who invested and built homes in beautiful places as Incline Village and Maui to raise their 5 children. I have this pure desire to rehab homes. One day I will do it for myself - but I have helped Rehab over 200 homes in my lifetime so far.  I started out Flipping homes for my own needs.  We flipped the homes we lived in building block up from a modest home, to a Million Dollar home and then another and another until the market dropped in 2007. I was then recruited and went to work as a Realtor of choice for "The Golden 1 Credit Union". I spent the next 3 1/2 years working on rehabbing and Selling their Foreclosures. One year rehabbed 47 homes! WOW... That's right,I ran three crews of Contractor, Handyman Teams flipping left and right.  It was a blast although challenging at times. I learned so much and it gave me such great experience.

Now with being a part of "VAREP" I wanted to reach out and see if you, someone you know, someone in your neighborhood possibly, could use these Services?  I want to be the reason that a Vet can smile at Christmas time, have their own Christmas tree in their own house, knowing they have their own bed to sleep in and are taken care of just like they took care of you and I. 

So I am asking you to reach out to me and notify me of anyone you feel that may meet that need.  Our job is to scout out those that may not know these Benefits exist, possibly don't know how to go getting the ball rolling, to help Veterans qualify for these Services.  "VAREP"  offers grants, counseling, and as I said have a few homes that are even given away FREE of charge each year!! So let me ask you again - WHO is it that you know??  Please call or email me today and lets MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I will be waiting to hear from you! Many Thanks - Leslie Reed, Realtor - Re/Max Gold
BRE# 01269773 Lesliereedre@gmail.com

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