Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Have you thought about your Garden needs yet?  Yes, this is the time! I have begun to work in the garden with weeding and already had my soil delivered. I have been busy preparing for this years harvest season!  And so should you!

Did you know that each year your Garden Soil must be replenished?  Your plants drain the nutrients out of the soil and if you don't replenish them your garden will not be as strong or vibrant!  
Order your new soil each year first thing! It is BEST to order Soil from a Local Landscape Company (Soil,Stone, and Bark companies).  You will pay usually between $35 and $45 a yard. If you order 5 yards or more most all companies will waive that Delivery Fee, saving you $35- $50 - so ask!  Extra soil is great to have on hand.  I suggest adding to all of your plants at the beginning of each season. This will help them to thrive and stay healthy as well. 

I make a habit of throwing any veggies of bad or over ripe vegetables on the ground in my garden each season. The reason why is I will have plenty of volunteer plants by doing so.  I also take my Halloween pumpkins out to the Garden and let them decay there.  I will enjoy many pumpkins which I can then can or freeze for recipes later in the year. 

If you eat a Cantaloupe or Honeydew for breakfast, pull out the seeds and simply lay them on a paper towel. Once seeds are dry you can place them into a baggie and then plant at the beginning of the season.  Same method for Butternut Squash and Watermelon. Use these money saving tips!  It's so easy!!

I hope this weekend you will begin your gardening needs for this season, and start preparing your garden.  The time to plant will be here before you know it and you will be READY! I have always planted earlier than most of my friends. I have had great luck with an early garden and enjoy a longer growing season. Rule of thumb is AFTER the last Frost.  But I usually can judge after most of the rain is gone it is time to get those plants in the ground.I think a light rain or two is better for the plants for they won't be challenged after being transplanted by the hot sun immediately.  This allows the roots to develop and take hold before they are hit with that hot sun!  

 I have a long time Client who swears by my Tomatoes!!  About 3 years ago he had his wife stop by on the way to his having Surgery to pick up some Tomatoes, for he didn't want to miss out on them. LOL.. I gladly deliver tomatoes to him, he's a long time past client and I enjoy his appreciation for my gardening.  What wonderful treats you will find each day in your own garden! It's like Christmas each morning and such a fun delicious surprise!

 Happy Gardening~ 


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