Friday, March 11, 2016

One of the #1 Best Tips I can give you ....

I have been Flipping Homes and helping Homeowners Sell their Homes for 16 years now locally. Return on Investment is what we all want to concentrate on for making money. 

Landscaping is a BIG part of home value and something to think about when you FIRST buy your home, not when you are ready to sell it.  Here is a SIMPLE but one of the BEST tips I can share with you, IRONITE!  

A great friend of mine shared this secret with me many years ago, (thanks to Lorraine) and I have been using it ever since. I apply this like clockwork, Quarterly in my yard. Apply this to your Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, to dramatically increase their potential growth and health as well. I think of it like STEROIDS for plants!!  I swear by it. It can be used on most all things. But I use it mainly for the 3 that I just mentioned. 

You can purchase Ironite at Lowes, Home Depot, and Green Acres, as well as most any home store that I am sure carries it or Nursery. However, I find it least expensive at Home Depot and Lowes. Ironite can be purchased in liquid form or granules. I find the granules are the best bang for your buck so I have been buying those. Just grab a small handful and apply to the base of your trees shrubs, etc and water. Just nothing edible, I believe in NO CHEMICALS in my garden.  Organic gardening ONLY.

Right now you can apply it and Mother Nature will water it for you - so GET OUT THERE and get your Ironite today and apply it in your yard and watch how much this helps increase the growth, it's crazy - awesome!!

I always tell my Clients one of the FIRST things you should do on your NEW home is PLANT TREES as SOON as you move in. Since trees take the longest to grow, you need to do it immediately. I don't suggest purchasing small tress yet a medium tree. If you need to block traffic or a 2 story home behind your home, buy a good size tree or only the New Buyers when you sell it 10 years down the road will see that improvement. Lol...  

Most ALL companies will give Contractor Discounts and usually Home Supply Stores as "Green Acres" will give a Landscaping Contractor an even better discount. So go get a Landscaper to add you to their account and save up to $50 off on a $250 Tree!  I did this last year - bought $3000 worth of trees!  Made a HUGE difference in my yard. In just 1 year my trees are double the bulk that they were a year ago, if not triple!! Yes I said TRIPLE!

Think about what you are needing and why. Look to see which Trees grow the fastest and are best situated for your needs. Are you hiding a busy road, providing shade, wanting fast growth, drought tolerant, yes research what you are thinking and keep in mind about our environment.  I like buying the established trees.  I find you get what you pay for also when it comes to trees. A small tree can take 5 years to mature, so not a good investment if you have an immediate or big need. As I said do your research and then select the BEST you can for your needs. I just got a GREAT deal at COSTCO on trees however they were Sold out in days. So when you see them, JUMP to take advantage of those deals!!

Color is a BIG consideration for your yard. Providing an assortment of color is best for making a GRAND yard. You will enjoy and add value as well. I love Purple Plum trees and get the fruitless ones for less mess. I just like the color against the rest of my yard.
Also make a good Plan.  Group certain varieties. Make a design on paper and google landscaping ideas.  HGTV is a great resource for design and google your purpose. Fast growing, Shade provider, drought tolerant, the internet is a great resource. Use it!!

OK I hope you will be purchasing your IRONITE this weekend and take advantage of all this FREE water we are enjoying.  =)  Have a fantastic weekend and remember I am here to answer any of your Real Estate questions, and of course - your BUSINESS!  Many Thanks!

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