Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My love for Napa and Photography~

I recently returned from a short vacation in Napa Valley just before the Easter Holiday. I love to run away to Napa and enjoy the hiking and biking I can do there, as well as enjoy it's beauty. So many lovely places everywhere you look, from the wineries to the scenery of the vineyards and beautiful mountains that surround Napa Valley. Here are a few of those photos I took while I enjoyed some down time in this magical valley, called Napa.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in witnessing such a wonderful place.

This time I arrived at Chandon at an early hour, just in time to see the Balloons departing. Here are some of the photos I captured some from miles and miles away.  Funny this lady seems to be looking and smiling but honestly this shot was from so far when I took it I couldn't even tell how many people there were in there... had to chuckle when I seen the photo for it were as if I said SMILE...  Haha...

I enjoyed a 25-mile bike ride on the "Silverado Trail" with a good friend of mine.  I have been enjoying this ride for over 6 years now. The hills are the best there. Just a enough rise before the downhill begins.  The scenery is so beautiful you forget you are working so hard. It's like an outdoor spin class for me, and I love my spin classes...

I enjoyed three days to bask in the beauty of this amazing place. I drove around hitting a few wineries, enjoyed the fabulous Restaurants, and spent time documenting the beauty I could see there all around me. I enjoy the silence of nature period.  Time off to revamp from my usually hectic schedule of Real Estate. I always return well rested and ready to enjoy the hustle and bustle of my career again... until the next visit in this magical valley.

This was just with my Cell Camera but had to not forget such a great wine..  Rombauer!

Until next time....  Leslie

A very tired pic of my old Buyers Agent from Lyon Real Estate (Clela) and I at "Duckhorn Vineyards" in St Helena, after completing our long ride and some well earned great wine. March 2016

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