Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What a little bit of staging and design can do for your Home Sale!

Staging has become a BIG word in Real Estate now a days and is used in many Listings, however there are many Agents who do not see a value in this or implement in in their Sellers homes.  Prior to becoming a Realtor, my background included Hotel Management at the "SHERATON" Kaanapali Beach, Maui and 14 years in Property Management, from Leasing Agent, to Marketing Director, to Regional Manager and then off to Commercial Real Estate, before leaving to become a Agent in Resales. I still do some Commercial Sales each year but my main focus is Sellers and Buyers in Residential and Investors.  

During this useful training I learned so much about "Presentation".  The term "What you see, is what you get" is soooo important when it comes to Real Estate, and determines so much more than many realize. The average Seller does not always know what to expect about their Realtors choice of their homes presentation and representation is in our Market is, and will result 100% in their Bank account.  Those of us Realtors that are Top Producing cringe every time we see the inexperienced, newer or lazy Agents Listing photos that are posted on the MLS and other sites representing their Clients home For Sale.  Dark photos, taken with a cheap camera, not photo shopped, not professional, these items will make sure your home sells for much less. Be sure to ASK and look at prior Listings that your Agent has represented, to avoid any mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars. When your home doesn't sell for the expected amount, or the lack of Showings from Agents/Buyers, slow or reduced interest as a result of these poor quality photos.

I also have a Collection of items I use to "enhance" my Clients homes to show better and photograph better as well. These STAGING items are used in most every single Listing I represent.  Even on OCCUPIED Homes!  These items can DRASTICALLY enhance my Clients home, produces a stronger, higher sales price, in much less time.  I learned this experience long ago as a Leasing Agent and Marketing Director in Multi-Family Housing. Remember when you rented your first apartment and you were shown a MODEL Apartment, right?  This Model had all the "Bells and Whistles" used on that same apartment that you were going to rent, however, your Apartment looked nothing like that! Right?  Staging is key!!

This is some of the same logic I implement. I come in and use my STAGING to enhance your Home to show like that Model Home.  We may pack up some of your items and de-clutter as well. The end result will be like my last 3 Listings this year that have Sold in just days on the Market, for Top Price in their area, and received Multiple Offers.  Isn't that what ALL Sellers are looking for?  Let me show you what I can do for you and the difference I can make.  I am certain you will see my experience of being a Top Producer in this area, for the past consecutive years, is a proven result of what I can produce for you as well.


The photos posted above and below, is from a recent Listing I was retained to List For Sale. I photographed the BEFORE and AFTER to show you what I offer as part of my Listing Services. This is given at no extra charge or fee to you as my Client. It helps us both to achieve a faster Sale and a higher Sales price! You will notice if you look at my Listing History, my Homes sell quickly! Thus the reason why.  So let me be your next Realtor and allow me to go to work for you and make you the MOST out of your Home Investment and return.  I love what I do and it shows!!  If you are interviewing for an Agent I just ask that you include me in that Interview process. I look forward to meeting you. Many Thanks~


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