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Aloha from the Island of Maui....

Summer Vacations... don't we live for these days all year long??  
I think about them all year  - that grand Trip, what we work for to go and enjoy life!  I enjoyed  a trip home in July of this year. I have to admit it was the first in a very long time.  Growing up part of my life there, living on this fabulous island with all of my family, I found it very emotional to return after the loss of my parents and my sister and her husband as well. We all lived there on the island so Maui holds many memories for me. After 14 years I decided it was time to visit. I am happy to say I enjoyed a really great one this time.  I will always treasure Maui and my life here. Hope you enjoy my photos and sharing!

As you enter West Maui from the Airport, I've always loved this view.
 I always knew you were in for something spectacular at this point. Love Maui ~

A lone boat in the sunset shot from Kahana at sunset.

Snorkelers on Honolua Bay in Kapalua. It is one of the most popular areas of the island for snorkeling.  You can walk there but more popular to see by boat since it is a real hike back up that hill. ;)  Beautiful spot with large reefs and turquoise water...

The West Maui Mountains always are Cloud covered. It is one of my favorite parts of Maui, our beautiful West Maui Mountains. This time I was lucky enough to fly thru them on our way back from Molokai, to the Kahalui Heliport. This photo is looking back on Lahaina from the ocean on July 4th as I was preparing to enjoy the great Fireworks.

The hardest part of returning to the Mainland is not being able to see my Maui sunsets each night. You so get used to this living on Maui. It is the hardest part of returning to the Mainland for me.  For that reason Maui is forever on my mind... 
Maui No Ka Oi ("Maui is the best" ).

Puunene Sugar Plantation Factory. One of the last Sugar Cane factories on the Island, Puunene will be shut down in 2016. The Sugar Cane is being phased out for it has not been profitable for a long time.  Sugar can be bought from other countries, for much cheaper, so after 100's of years, the production of Sugar Cane will be shut down completely on the island of Maui. It is so sad for me since many of the local people have done this their entire life and will now be displaced. Also it is Maui's heritage and I am sad to see that come to an end.

Oluwalu is a now MUST STOP on my list.  A new Bakery has come to town and offers the BEST Pies on the island, along with some great eats for any meal anytime of the day.  My favorite is always Key Lime and this one was to die for. =)  Oluwalu is half way between Maalea Harbor and Lahaina on the main road to West Maui round the sharp curve. Can easily miss it in a blink so watch for the reduced speed sign and it will be on your right coming in. 

The road to Hana is always an adventure!! Although the new arrivals find it scary, living in Kula I have driven this road at least 15 times. I feel very secure and confident. Just have to be more careful of the oncoming cars on the blind corners. I love Hana and love how each part of Maui is so different and diverse, what makes her such a beautiful island. Go in the back way for a quicker journey and to see such different terrain on the island.

This is my good friend and wonderful local lady Harriott Wagner. She babysat for me when my daughter was just 9 months old until she entered school. We have been friends for over 34 years now. I had a great visit and so am glad I stopped in to see her. Such a special woman she is. This year she turns 90 and is still working part time. A very Special lady indeed. Much Aloha Harriott!!

A friend and past Client I met up with while visiting. 

"Air Maui" ran us over to Molokai for an hour adventure. Next time I won't forget I get Air Sickness fairly easy but it was an awesome time and well worth it. Beautiful sites and my 3rd time to cruise the island by Helicopter.  The channel from Kapalua to Molokai is one of the roughest passages on the Island. I did not know this next time definitely will bring my pills, we bounced around a bit but was still breathtaking and I highly suggest it. 

Called the Weeping Wall in Molokai - from the numerous waterfalls here.

They say in 10 years Maui hopes to be self sufficient on green power provided by all the wind machines they are adding, all over the island.

Molokini from Uluapalakua. A small island that you may snorkel at. 
Maui's only Marine Sanctuary.

If you are thinking about traveling to Maui and would like some advice just call me anytime. I know the island well after living there a long time and have first hand knowledge as I lived in Kapalua, Kahana, Lahaina, Up Country, Kula and my brother lived in Kehei so I was a frequent visitor there as well. Aloha!

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