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In the Real Estate field, many Agents have no training what so ever, they merely obtain a real Estate License, and start selling Real Estate. I have been highly successful in getting my job done. I remember back when I entered the Real Estate Re-sales field from being in Property Management/Commercial RE in 2000. I told my Broker that sitting in a class wasn't making any money, and I asked him if he would allow me to skip the classes and just get out there and sell?  My First Year I sold $100K in RE with no formal training at all. Just the desire to succeed.

I grew up the last child in a family of five. I can still remember my father telling us, any job worth doing - is worth doing right or not at all. That has stayed with me thru out my life. Whether it was in being a Manager of the "Sheraton Maui Hotel" Kaanapalli Beach (which taught me about having everything show perfect the first time, staging, and selling quality), to Meter Reading for "PG&E" where I walked up to 14 miles a day in the pouring rain or 100 degree weather. This training taught me know what HARD work was all about.  

In my training at the Sheraton Maui, I was in the Management Trainee Program, where I was required to work every management position in the Hotel.  Thru that extensive training program I learned skills, useful in my business today.  Especially helpful are the training of Public Areas, Staging, Interior Design, and Housekeeping.  I am very picky with whatever I list and this training comes thru in my job and camera shots as well. Cleanliness is so important, along with housekeeping of the home overall. No one wants to buy an un-kept home inside and out. Proper placement of furniture, an inviting plan and openness means so much to Buyers. Once you hire me you too will see - just unleash me and I go to work. I know what vision needs to be accomplished and can get that done to get that Sale!

With a background in Modeling, and my love for Photography (I learned in 6th grade), I know how to use a camera but I can also develop film and work Custom shots. I shoot with a Cannon and a Wide Angle Lenses which I feel make my photos superior to most anyone shooting without one.  I also have an eye of what looks good at what angle. I will spend hours getting the right shot for my Clients that help sell their properties quickly, and for Top Dollar. I find most homes that don't sell aren't being marketed properly or often have terrible or dark photography. A cheap or unskilled Agent will often result in not selling your home. 
I also know about being on the other side of the camera which helps me so much in knowing lighting, and shooting as well learned thru my Modeling experience and schooling in which I specialized in Print and Ramp work in Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and Reno. Although I gave up Modeling long ago I feel all this experience combined helps me to have knowledge and experience that allows me to have a different opinion and possibly a solution of how to handle a hard to deal with item. Or just having a fresh pair of eyes and a new idea.

Photos of homes I have Listed and Sold~

I sometimes have to laugh at other photos especially when it comes to Acreage. Being a long time Resident of Loomis, I know acreage and lived on it for 12 years. I also grew up in Danville with my horses so I have first hand knowledge of Country living and horse property. My shots impress the Sellers often and show how much I love their properties
. When you love something there is no other choice to come out a winner! 

I also have Staging items I can mix in with your own items, to improve the look and feel of your home.  Not everyone has Interior Decorating experience, as I learned at the Sheraton, or knowledge of what look is that the Buyers are looking for.  This experience can help you succeed and sell for more. Cross your I's and dot your T's like my Dad taught me. Make sure it is correct the first time around, and you will see that sale. 

If you are looking for an Agent and you live on Acreage you have to KNOW not everyone knows Country Property. I have spoken to 2 Sellers in the past 6 months that know that was the mistake their Agents made. One of these Listings had 5 Acres and not 1 photo of his Paddocks/ Arena or pasture. Another had almost ten acres and not one photo of the property. NOT ONE! Almost TEN acres and only Home pictures?? Whats wrong with that Agent!! Not everyone call sell Land or Country Property and do a great job, but I do and can for you as well. I LOVE my job and the photography and I will get you the winning shots!

The end of this year I have seen many WITHDRAWN or EXPIRED Listings. In viewing these it's often easy to see what that Agent failed on. Also there can be other items such as an Agent that was not available by phone ( I always answer my phone) or that was not available nor had any other Agents assisting them on their Listings, and when a Buyer calls to see a Home and are told that you are not available, that Agent most likely just blew that Sale. Bigger is not always better.  Doing a good job is best, no matter how big or small you are.   

In Placer County there are 3,271 Licensed Real Estate Agents - of those 7 our of 10 ONLY SELL LESS THAN 3 HOMES A YEAR!  Is this who you are hiring to sell your Home?  Your Home which is usually your BIGGEST asset and worth. Is this who you are trusting to make that sale for you? Make sure and do your research work as to your Agents background, success and how many Homes he/she has Listed or Sold and in what PRICE RANGE as well. If you don't do your research, then I guess when your home doesn't sell, you can only blame yourself. I always say it is best to interview 3 Agents and choose from there. 

Call me today and allow me to show you what difference I can make, and what I can accomplish for you. I am 17 years in the business now and 16 years a Top Producer, year after year, selling over 4.5 Million in Sales. Thanks for your time and I wish you a Happy New Year.  I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your Real Estate needs. CALL ME TODAY, you will be glad you did tomorrow.

It's not having a Real Estate License that makes you successful - it's the SOLD signs!

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Leslie from Northern California.
Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

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