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You're only as good as your last Sold Home!!

The title of this is my true belief and saying.  I have been primarily a Listing Agent since I began my career. I work with Buyers but I have been highly successful as a Listing Agent. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means I list and sell homes.  The reason I have this success is my background and training prior to Resales in Real Estate.

Some of you know I lived in Maui Hawaii where I worked for the Sheraton in Kaanapali Beach. I was a manager, and worked several positions with my career there. I trained in Public Areas, Rehabs, and standards is always a high priority in the Hotel Industry. This is what began my interest in this area and my specific training as well.

Many Homes do not sell for the CURB APPEAL is missing, or the STYLE and DESIRABILITY is off. Many Home builders also miss this target by not keeping up on trends or going for the too trendy. Sometimes they just don't think the way a woman does and lets face it, women tend to be the decisions makers in many happy marriages... Happy Wife - Happy Life!  Right?!

So key to understanding how a home should flow, open floor plans, style and design are key. Ones desire and interest needs to be peaked to want to buy the home. Kind of the what you see is what you get I call it. If the Buyer sees what they want they will proceed forward. Staying up on what that is and providing that is key to sales.

I have worked for many smaller Contractors and Home Builders over the years in selling Spec Homes (home built for profit). I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching people what those trends, styles, and curb appeal is and how to target your home for a quick and profitable sale. That package if presented correctly will always have the same result.

There are other items that must be followed to achieve this Sale.  Those would be release and presentation. Just like the New Home Sales, there is a Model Home to view and also availability to that home to view it.  So in Resales making sure the home is staged or presented properly is key along with the availability to view the home. Sellers not wanting an OPEN HOUSE often miss out not only on a quick Sale of their home but also an increased price by allowing the most Buyers out there to view the home in the shortest period of time. This timeline if followed correctly will always ensure great results on the Sale of your home. This is what I base my Listing Presentation on each of my homes on.

Also you must take down many personal added features to a home so a Buyer may ENVISION themselves in that home. If your home is designed and accented JUST for you, many Buyers will be unable to see themselves living there. I always advise my Sellers to de-personalize their home sot hat it may allow Buyers to envision themselves living there. Homeowners that do not follow this advise often see a slow turnaround on a Sale and often LESS money as well. I always say if you are moving, why not get the edge on the move and pack this stuff up anyways. Right?

Much like owning a new car. You remember how the Salesman suggests you take it home to see how you like it. You take a Test drive in it, see how it brakes, accelerates, etc... this is so you can take ownership.  If a home feels like someone else home it will be a hard Sell as well. I think it is equally as important to all Buyers to view your home without you there. We all can relate to the Sales person who follows you around and annoys you. You do not feel comfortable to shop, you feel pressured, and you do not feel as if it is YOUR new home yet someone else's. Don't miss the boat by not following the advice of your Realtor. We know what works, were here to help you if you follow our advice!

When you hire an Agent to sell your home and these items are not followed this is when you see a home Listed but without the results of a quick Sale. I have worked for many Sellers and each one has different requirements and demands n their home sale. When these are restricting the Agents ability to meet what is required then you shall see a Home that doesn't sell. Sometimes it is not the fault of the Seller but the Agent who lacks either the Training or the knowledge to see this, and follow it thru. For me it's a no brainier and is my standard for the Sale to success.

I love working EXPIRED Listings and homes that didn't sell, for it is easy for me to see WHY the home Sale didn't take place. Many times, or almost 80% of these are for the photos (wow some Agents amaze me here). The Marketing of the home, the presentation as we spoke, and so many times it is NOT the price.  If presented properly the price would not have been an issue.

With the success of online advertising hitting the factors that support the sale is key. So when you hire an Agent, #1 have faith you have chosen the right Agent, then do not restrict their suggestions and Market Plan to sell your home. Our continued success is based on this timeline. I hope you will keep me in mind when deciding to sell your home, I always say just let me be int he Top 3 Agents that you interview for the job. If you are a Country Property you MUST hire a Country Realtor if you want guaranteed results! I can't tell you HOW many times I see Sellers Agents miss the boat on this one.  Not all Agents are equal and this surely is one area that is a tie breaker. Horse property misrepresented, or Country property advertised as Horse Property. Do your homework this is so important to you success and sale!

Call me anytime with any questions, I am very happy to help just as a friend with advice or some tips! I look forward to talking with you.

I would love to make YOUR Home my next SOLD Home!

Many Thanks ~


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