Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Masters Club 2017 42nd Annual Awards Ceremony

Yes!!  It was that time of year again!  Not everyone knows what a Masters Club recipient is... to those who aren't aware it is the membership allowed to those who hold Top Sales each year in their career in Real Estate.  It is defined as - To achieve Masters Club in 2016, REALTORS® had to produce at least $4.5 Million in real estate sales with a minimum of eight transactions or at least 20 transactions. The different levels are defined as  First Year Members, Continuing Members, Life Masters Club Member has achieved this membership five out of the last seven years, and OUTSTANDING LIFE Masters Club Member has achieved this membership at least ten years with no lapses greater than three years.

Those of us in real estate know it as one of our AWESOME Parties that we get the pleasure of attending once a year and enjoying.  We all work very hard. We are diligent in our clients needs, wants, desires for their home. Those of us who do this job know it as our passion. We are competitive. We are diligent. Some wear our boxing gloves, some just snarl a bit, but we all have a desire to win for our Clients and get the best deal possible for each. We want to get out point across, to be heard and yes again.. we do love to win! 

March 30th was one of those wonderful nights. We all got together in a VERY large room at Thunder Valley Casino, add drinks, appetizers, and for one night we are one big happy family. Lots of hugs, catching up, agents from every Real Estate Office around in our area are there. It is a grand night of fun and celebration. No boxing gloves, gone are the snarls, the competition, a chance to be nice, show our true love for one another.  I am thankful to be part of this wonderful family that I have been for so long. 

I celebrated my 16th consecutive year in Masters Club, marking my 17th year in Real Estate Re-Sales in this area. Previously I spent 14 years in Property Management in this area. I am happy to be in this lovely group of people and friends.  

For me this also brings to mind some of the AWESOME friends I have made a long the way - my Clients. The smiling faces I love to see, to know how you are doing, hows the kids, Mom and Dad, the pets... Yes for this is how it is. While we have your home Listed For Sale, for a brief moment in time, we are your best friend, someone you speak to everyday. We hear about your life, your problems, how we can help you in those, your needs, what we can do to solve those, and for a short time, really we do become your family.  

For those of you who's Homes I have Listed, or Sold a home to, you know that feeling. The Buyers and Sellers that now as I pass by your road, I think of when I sold you your home. I think of you and smile with that feeling of love for that moment of time.  it's precious and priceless. It's not just a job this career - it's a lifestyle of stress and love.  

So thank you for what you allow me to do to help you. Thanks for your confidence in me, your trust, your listening to me and following me, on the advice to do upgrades, how to handle a imposition, whatever it may have been... I say thanks! I have appreciated your hiring me and trusting me, and I have enjoyed the time spent. Well most all of you... lol.. some have not always been nice, but in the end I have enjoyed the time with you too, for I have learned how to become a better agent, and how to handle that problem for the next Client who I represent. So it is all good experience in my mind.  

These two photographs represent the two groups of Outstanding Life Member 2016 in Placer County, some of the areas finest agents and great people.  

Our one night to let our hair down and have some fun!  ๐Ÿ˜€  Wishing you a wonderful Summer and hope you enjoy nothing less than a beautiful life in 2017. In the end that is all what life is about.  And remember if I can help you on any of your Real Estate needs please feel free to call me. I am always hear to listen, to share advice or help you in your search. Many Thanks~

Leslie Reed, Re/Max Gold
Placer, Sacramento and Napa Counties

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