I love to garden!  Almost as much as I love waking up each morning to see what beautiful vegetables God has given me. I have two Granddaughters Milkyla 6, and Paytin 5, who love to run out to Grandmas Garden and eat everything they can find.  So cute- Love it.

~My Garden 2014~

First batch of Sweet Maui Onions I just pulled up yestweday. They're as big as baseballs! 

June 2014

My tomatoes are already coming in strong- 
can't wait to have a variety of beautiful tomatoes each morning.

Artichokes are abundant, most I have had yet on this one plant. 


Have any gardening tips you would like to share I would love to hear them! I learn so much each year from other Gardeners sharing what they have learned over the years. Check out my Newsletter for last month for more information. 

MAY Garden Pictures

This years is about the same as always... A lot of Tomatoes, some Corn, Lemon Cucumbers (many), I grow my own sweet Maui Onions (can buy the Onion sets at Lowes) , a few Eggplant, some peppers (although mine never grow that large - if you have a secret please share) and then a bunch of fresh Herbs and of course Zucchini, Squash, and some melons. 

I keep it simple in my Garden but grow with abundance the things I love. The funny thing is I once hated Tomatoes!  Now that's 80% what I grow. When my sister died of Cancer I began to study health and Cancer fighters and Tomatoes were top on that list. So I began to eat them and enjoy them. Now I have mainly a vegetarian lifestyle with some fish and chicken and eat TONS of healthy things.  I love them with Vinegar and Garlic Salt and Pepper, Who doesn't love them with Mozzarella Cheese and some Basil for a Caprese Salad?! Yum!! I also love them any Stir Fry or Stuffed as well. So many ways... My youngest Granddaughter has enjoyed eating Tomatoes right out of my Garden since she was a baby. She will be the first to tell you this is why she has Red hair.. LOL.. I finally got my oldest one to eat Tomatoes by encouraging her to eat anything int he garden you want, right there. =)  Love my garden... my stress reliever and space of love.

July 2014

My garden has been gracious this year with some beautiful tomatoes and Lemon Cucumbers!


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