“we feel very qualified in recommending Leslie Reed as an exceptional selling/buying agent” We are not in the habit of writing reviews, but we feel very qualified in recommending Leslie Reed of Reed and Associates as an exceptional selling and buying agent. It was our good fortune to work with her when she sold our home in Folsom, California. She presented an outstanding marketing plan to us after we met her at an open house in our area. She recommended staging ideas and then took professional pictures of the house to enhance its special features. She was very willing to keep us informed in a very timely manner about the progress of visits by each realtor who showed our home. Selling a home can be stressful, but she did such a good job in networking with other realtors that the home was not on the market very long. She was able to sell the home for the asking price.
Over the twelve years we have known her, we have consistently seen her listed as a top producer in the Sacramento Valley region. It has made us very proud that we had selected someone that is a winner in a very competitive profession. It has pleased us that she has been rewarded for her very hard work. She always puts the client first and has put her personal life on “hold” in order to meet the needs of the buyer or seller. We would suspect that this is the reason her client base is from referrals.
Realizing her experience, Leslie has been the only person we have considered as our buying agent as we attempt to make changes in our life. We know that she will point out both the positive and negative aspects of any property we pursue. She sees a home as an investment. We do not have to worry that she will pressure us for a sale because she is more concerned about the happiness of the client than the profit from the commission. Her knowledge of real estate trends has broadened her negotiation and communication skills.
Leslie has selected an excellent team to work with. Her administrative assistant is also very quick to respond with all communication and is concerned with details. Her home inspector is very thorough in his specialty. Her lending agent was very helpful to us in making decisions on financing. She was able to supply a very good contractor for repairs to a home under our consideration. Leslie has put in place all the components to make her own real estate firm successful.

B and C Highley,
Mar 16, 2014

Working with Leslie Reed on the purchase of our lot was a wonderful experience. She was very responsive at any time of the day or night by phone or e-mail. I especially like the communications Leslie provided via e-mail and DocuSign. This was a very effective method to accommodate the schedules of two very busy buyers and sellers.

Anonymous Buyer 
July 2014

Weather we called her or emailed her she was available with “immediate response”.  My husband and I had a great experience working with Leslie. She has been a very excellent agent and always there for us. We just recently purchased a short sale and Leslie made it possible and kept us updated all the way. Whether we called her or emailed her she was available with immediate response. I was really impressed with her job as an agent and I think her professionalism and expertise is fantastic. Leslie and her assistant also helped us get our dream home and made sure everything was done right.
Thank you Leslie!!

Mandy and Sam, January 2014

“Would definitely use her for our next house” Leslie did a very professional job of buying our home and made sure that we were satisfied with everything, even after we had moved in. I would definitely use her for our next house transaction and would recommend that you do as well.

Martyn Gane,  November 2013
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart” Leslie I truly want to thank you for your diligence, professionalism and knowledge of the Short Sale process of our home. You made what seemed impossible to us possible. You were always available to answer all our questions and kept us aware of everything that was going on. 
Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Shanan, December 2013
We applaud, Miss Leslie ! Knowledge is imperative but knowledge with dedication and heart is powerful and moving and powerful. 

The above in a nutshell represents Miss Leslie Reed. 

I have come to know this incredible woman when we decided to sell our our Lincoln, CA home. From the standpoint of being a business owner for 36 years, I knew I wanted someone who would be responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, pleasantly aggressive, keep me informed, and seek my goals as if they were her personal objective. 

Miss Leslie Reed has achieved the above in the following ways: 

1.) Calling or emailing very quickly 
2.) Having available skilled professionals for any home repair or improvement 
3.) Budget Conscious by suggesting necessary improvement and advising against 
unnecessary repairs that do not improve resale value. 

In addition to being a skilled professional, Miss Leslie Reed, has a very charming, warm,and energetic personality. She has the natural talent to put one at ease during a busy and sometimes tense period. She is the bright light in a darkened room. 

MIss Leslie Reed is not our first realtor since in past years we have bought and sold other homes but she is now and always the ONE and ONLY realtor for us. When you find someone special you cherish that individual. Miss Leslie is that rare find that one keeps and cherishes. 

My husband and I recommend, Miss Leslie Reed, to everyone who needs a great realtor. We applaud, Miss Leslie 


Ursula Kulinski, 10/2013
Leslie was… IS one of the best!! GREAT job and professional Agent. Leslie was… IS one of the best!!
Dr. Curt & Geri Orr , Loomis
Being a first time home buyer,I was naive to process. It was nice to have Leslie take care of everything. Leslie communicated each step of the home buying process. She always made sure we understood what was happening and that we were comfortable through all the steps. She was honest in all dealings with all players, and didn’t seem to get upset at anything, even when things didn’t go smoothly due to the other realtor. Leslie was sensitive to the type of home and neighborhood we werelooking for. Being a first time home buyer,I was naive to process. It was nice to have Leslie take care of everything.
Joan and Bob Rusche
You were always very professional and helpful and went out of your way to keep things going around the property We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you hard work in the sale of our home in Granite Bay. You were always very professional and helpful and went out of your way to keep things going around the property while we were out here in Florida having fun!
Thanks again.
Judie, Wayne & Sue & the dog
Leslie did an absolute fantastic job selling our home in a extremely difficult Real Estate market. Leslie did an absolute fantastic job selling our home in a extremely difficult Real Estate market. Leslie used all of her many skills to expertly negotiate our very difficult sale. I will recommend her to all my friends.
Mike and Sandy
Leslie is absolutely “great”. Leslie is absolutely “great”. Professionalism, follow-thru, client support, and caring are what she brings to the table. Made a seemingly easy purchase that found crazy roadblocks still happen due to her perseverance and dedication.
Rich Wagner,
Wagner & Company, Roseville 1/09
If you want an experienced Realtor that knows the market, the area, and the community, Leslie Reed is at the top of the list. As a Listing Agent Leslie Reed knows the competition and how your home measures up so it is priced to compete. She always responds promptly to phone calls and e-mails, she follows up on every showing. Leslie is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, helpful, and clever at assessing and resolving road blocks. If you want an experienced Realtor that knows the market, the area, and the community, Leslie Reed is at the top of the list.
Alberta and Gene Daffner
Your have made the process almost easy. Thank you again.
We can not thank you enough for all your support and thoughtfulness. Your made the frustration and stress very bearable.  I really hope your other clients appreciat your skills and talents, and just wonderful efforts your put forth to create a sale.  Your have made the process almost easy. Thank you again.
-Alberta and Gene Daffner
I could not have done this deal without all her help and I greatly appreciate all she did for me. “Being a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and concerned. Leslie answered all my questions and explained everything to me.  I could not have done this deal without all her help and I greatly appreciate all she did for me.  I would definitely use her again in the future.”

-Ronda Grottanelli.
You really went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. Leslie,
Thanks so much for working so hard so for our home closed early. You really went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. We got your number off of one of your signs that was on a home we wanted to see and were a little hesitant about using the same realtor as the sellers because of a possible conflict of interest. Boy were we wrong! You certainly had both parties best interest at heart. We have purchased a handfull of properties in the last  few years and this was without a doubt, the best experience of them all, not to mention, the only one that closed on time. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and family.David Levoy and Jamie Howard-Levoy
I could not have done it without her! Thank you for for everything Leslie. My loan consultant asked if I had an agent yet, I stated no I do not. Do you have a preferance? Male or female. No! Simply put I just want the one who will do the best job for ME!! That’s when I met Leslie and without a shadow of a doubt was the best experience in buying a home I have ever had. This is my second home and I wish I would of known Leslie then. What a difference!! For someone to be in that corner for you and keep you informed of everything is awesome. There are so many things that go on with buying a home especially a short sale which I did. I could not have done it without her! Thank you for for everything Leslie.
Tim Johnson 11/09
Your expertise made the sale very smooth and intodays’s challenged housing market that was greatly appreciated. Leslie,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the service you provided on our recent home sale. Your expertise made the sale very smooth and intodays’s challenged housing market that was greatly appreciated. In retrospect, I think you conducted this sale with remarkable foresight respective of the many twists and turns you faced. When you would present us with details of changes or problems, you also offered options and solutions which places you as a leader in your field.There are many companies proclaiming to be SHORT SALE or Laon modification specialists, and it may be that realtors without experience would rely on them for assistance in Short Sales, but you handled all those details yourself. It is reassuring to know that our realtor didn’t pass us off to another company, you were able to be our single person for the entire process.
(Names withheld upon request)
Loomis Home Seller 2/2010
We strongly recommend you use Leslie as your Realtor! Buying a few acres in the Loomis area has been a dream of ours for years, but we promised our daughters that we wouldn’t relocate until after they went away to college.
Both of our daughters are now in college and we are just purchased 6 acres. Without Leslie’s keen understanding of today’s market, this deal would not have happened.
The owner had a strong attachment to the property and was reluctant to sell to just anyone. Leslie invited us to meet the owner so she could hear how passionate we are about the land too! Leslie also helped us find movers and has given us a lot of ideas on how to manage the land. She has been a tremendous help and an amazing resource. We strongly recommend you use Leslie as your Realtor!
Christina M. & Lloyd Wagstaff
Sr. Staff Assistant
There was never a moment when we doubted who’s side you were on! Thanks for the photo and it has been a pleasure to work with you too. Well I think I can speak for both myself and Audrey, we feel that you were always working for us, without a DOUBT. There was never a moment when we doubted who’s side you were on. That was evident when you told the pest company to get back out their and do the job right, when you told the listing agent to unacceptable when they wanted the furniture, and when the title company stepped out of line you were right there to straighten them up. As a first time home buyer, I had many many questions and you were always available to answer them whether it was 7 a.m. or 10 p.m. Plus, we weren’t buying a really expensive home but you certainly didn’t treat us any different that if we were buying a million dollar home. That really meant a lot because there would have been some sleepless nights if you weren’t there to answer the questions. We really appreciate all of your hard work. We are going to be having a house warming party sometime in the coming months…we’d really like you to be there if you are available to see what we’ve done with the place….and of course to drink some good wine.
Andy Tate 2/2010
Leslie did a great job getting our house sold very quickly “Leslie did a great job getting our house sold very quickly and we’ve really appreciated her hard work in keeping the whole short-sale process on track.  We definitely would recommend anyone considering selling their house to give Leslie a call.”
Thank you,

Leslie will make it happen. :) My words of advise, are to have a little faith and a lot of patience. It is a hard time getting into a home these days, but hang in there Leslie will make it happen. :)
Valerie Miller 12/9/10
We appreciate your integrity and willingness Leslie,
I wanted to send you a quick note to THANK YOU for your diligence on our purchase of a duplex. Rick and I were trying to find a suitable Investment Property for several months. We tried to have a friend real estate broker help, and still we didn’t seem to be able to find a property that met our needs. On a fluke, we called you on one of your listings at 9pm. To our amazement, you returned our emails and call, wrote an offer, and had a signed purchase agreement by the next morning. We appreciated your candoabout the details of the property and the process we were undertaking with the bank. Our REO purchase experience created difficulty for us due to the arduous requirements that some banks want to dictate to protect themselves. It is obvious to me that you have been able to find a suitable balance between the bank you represent and a Buyer. After the first conversation, I was completely comfortable to have you represent both sides in the transaction. Again, thank you. We appreciate your integrity and willingness to accommodate the late night to write and process our offer. We hope to return the favor by making the rest of the transaction as easy for you as possible. You deserve it!
Rick and Cheryl
We were extremely underwater on our condo. After several attempts to modify our mortgage, made the difficult decision to do a short sale. But after nearly a year, our condo was still on the market. When we contacted Leslie, the bank had already rejected two of our offers, so we weren’t optimistic about our chances. But Leslie was a strong advocate for us and persuaded the bank to accept our third offer, even after an initial rejection. We had begun to think there was no way we could avoid a foreclosure, but Leslie made our sale happen!

Leanna & Jairo 1/7/2012
I would highly recommend Leslie if your looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate! Leslie left a flyer on my doorstep and so I called her to list my home. It didn’t take her long- the first Buyer she showed my home to bought it there on the spot.  Leslie was the ultimate Professional, there every time she said she’d be, on time or early even. She was on the phone with me once a day, on a daily basis, checking on me and making sure I had no questions.Our paperwork was all done up front and was done in a professional manner. I would highly recommend Leslie if your looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate. She was a joy to work with and will remain someone I consider to be a good friend from here forward. Thank you Leslie.
Mary Sibell, 7- 2013  JOHNSON RANCH 
Our only regret is not calling you sooner.
 Hi Leslie,
Now that our short sale has closed, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for everything you have done for us. Deciding on a short sale was a difficult process, and you helped us every step of the way.  We wanted a straight-talking, experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent that could execute.  You proved to be much more than  that, from helping us with our garage sale, to responding to our calls and emails all hours  of the night, to helping us clean out our home (after my back surgery) the very last day of escrow to make sure the deal closed on time.  We will be working with you in the future, and we will be recommending you to family and friends looking to buy or sell property.  It has only been a few days since our short sale went through, but we already feel a tremendous amount of relief and are sleeping better at night.  Our only regret is not calling you sooner.  Thank you for always being there for us!
Audra  4/27/10
I would highly recommend Leslie Unlike my first Realtor, Leslie Reed made everything SO easy and smooth for me. From day one, she made it her goal to help me find what I was looking for, constantly e-mailing properties that she felt matched what I wanted, always going out… of her way to make sure I had all the information, setting up appointments on short notice and just providing the friendly service that is often hard to find these days. Leslie also took her time to line up a reputable person to do the home improvements and repairs as soon as escrow close.
Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Leslie to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide me through the process or gain a better friend.
-Mary T. , Roseville 2/2013
There is only one way to get through all of that – this is to be working with Leslie!
We had the enjoyment of working with Leslie in Selling our home. What a different experience she gave us aside from our past times Buying and Selling property! Every time there is a Sales Transaction involved in Real Estate, whether on the purchasing or selling end, it is usually a Roller Coaster of a ride.  There are extremely high moments and in the same 24 hours, everything can turn around. There
can be emotions involved,stress levels increase, and there is usually the suspense of waiting hour by hour, day by day.
There is only one way to get through all of that – this is to be working with Leslie! 
She understands the sentiments of what Buyers and Sellers are experiencing. She uses her prompt responses, knowledge of the current market and area values, and network of contacts to alleviate all stress possible, and make the experience pleasurable. as it should be. Her use of a “What to Expect” Handout, was very helpful in having a Guideline to follow through this change. She even threw in a
Moving Guide to help ease the strain.
Working with Leslie was by far, the most pleasurable and prompt Real Estate experience w have had. We give her a high recommendation and know that she will do well to guide each Client down the same path, as she did with us.
In High Regards,
Jerome and Natasha Bahm
Could not ask for more.
October 30, 2012
 To whom it may concern,
I recently was on the market to purchase my first home and had many choices when it came to choosing a realtor. As hard as it may seem only one person came to mind to get the job done; Leslie Reed. I’ve known Leslie ever since I was in grade school and have grown up with her children. Ever since I could remember she has always been an active real estate agent. With her years of experience and positive attitude I couldn’t think of a more qualified candidate. I asked her to walk me through the steps (which I later find that walking isn’t part of purchasing a home) and I wanted to feel comfortable during the process. Sure enough I found Leslie never to pressure me to buy a home I wasn’t 100% positive I wanted. I was always scared of that ‘car salesmen’ mentality that I hear most realtors have. She would thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each home. While I was looking for the perfections Leslie was looking for the imperfections (which as first time home buyers we don’t look for). After the suggestions were made and prices were agreed upon Leslie was even more on her ‘A game’. It wasn’t until that moment I witnessed firsthand her true powers as an experienced realtor. 
She made sure I wasn’t pushed around by the seller and made sure every possible benefit I could receive was honored by the seller. If we received any bad news about our bid Leslie made sure I held my head up high and never gave up on me. When I had a list of other homes to view she would already have a new list I hadn’t even seen yet readily available. She even went as far as giving me dedicated days specifically for me to view homes around my schedule. If I found a home I wanted to make an offer on she had the paperwork ready to go sitting front of us. This ensured she never let time waste to make sure I was happy. Leslie always made herself available and made me feel that I was her most important client. I am truly happy I had the honor of having her assist me in buying my first home. I would recommend her over any other realtor based upon her character, professionalism, and experience.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions; Alex.Dorado@att.com
Alex Dorado  October- 2012

Leslie is a Fighter! I used Leslie to purchase my first home. I have known Leslie for I grew up with her daughters. She is a fighter! Which was needed in my purchase since I bought a Short Sale and the other Realtor was a BIG problem. I would surely recommend her. She was courteous, responsive with communication, professional and lots of knowledge.

Amanda McCormick  1/30/2012


This post was written by:

Leslie from Northern California.
Yes.. I am a Bay Area transplant, long before everyone starting moving up here from the Bay Area and Southern California in 1977. I believe this helps me to understand what you may be looking for. And can help you adapt to our “Country Lifestyle”. Yes, I know the greatest hiking/ boating/ camping/ fishing spots and the best places to relax! If you are moving from another area, just ask me for one of my helpful Relocations Packages by clicking on the link

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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